How to look Snatched in your Christmas Outfit! Embracing your curves + Postpartum body update

Hi, Lovelies! Been a while since I did a post like this but anyway I thought I’d share this with you just in case you also want to look snatched in your Christmas outfit.

Snatched body

After having my first child, my body pretty much went to back to shape on its own super fast. I didn’t have to start any exercise routine or diet to lose the weight. However, with my second baby, it’s taking a while for it to get to that point and on some days it’s a little frustrating.

As women, our bodies go through so many changes due to so many factors like period bloating, child birth, birth control, age, change in diet and so much more.

One of the things we desire the most is to put on the clothes we would love to wear and feel confident in them. That only happens when the clothes fit perfectly and do not show our imperfections.

I discovered Shapermint recently and this post is sponsored by them. They are a brand that encourages women to embrace body positivity and feel confident in their own skin.

They stock a variety of shapewear from different brands and they are building a community of women who wear Shapewear loud and proud to enhance their features.

Shapermint Empetua high waisted shaper shorts
Empetua high waisted shaper shorts


Shapewear is not just for hiding body imperfections but it provides support, boosts your confidence and makes you look gorgeous in your own skin.

Check out the amazing Shapermint products I tried on in this video below!


Here are some pictures of the products they sent me and the pictures below show me with the shapewear on and without.

Shapermint shapewear
Shapermint products
Snatched body
Wearing the Empetua high waisted shaper shorts
Snatched body
2 months ago without shapewear
Shapermint Empetua high waisted shaper shorts
Wearing the Empetua high waisted shaper 


Snatched body
Wearing the Empetua High Waisted Shaper Shorts
Snatched body
Wearing the Empetua High Waisted Shaper Shorts

Definitely click here to check out Shapermint products, they have an ongoing Christmas sale you can take advantage of. 

Follow them on Instagram @shapermint

Do you sometimes wear shapewear?

What brand do you buy from?

What do you think? Kindly Comment


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