This Sorta Happened by Queen Esther Olomide


It’s a really long holiday. Thirteen weeks since I last saw TunjiI (I haven’t seen him since I started my three months industrial attachment).Being a UNILAG student,and in my third year in the department of mass communication. I met Tunji in my year one.He is currently in his final year (500 Level) In the department of computer engineering,He was just like that father figure from my year one to year two till I realised how that Tunji is a really loving guy,he’s interestingly amazing and he has those words that are sure to sweep any girl off her feet.

Furthermore, he is a giver and he knows how to burst my head with gifts. (One of the reasons I gave him a yes, when he asked me to be his. He is as well very cute with a super-duper dress sense….More interestingly about him is the fact that he is a lover of God. I’ve terribly missed sitting beside him, resting my head on his shoulders as if leaning on a pillow. I miss holding his hands and rubbing mine against his. Most of all, I really miss his warm and soft hugs…I miss those lone moments when we just sit all by ourselves and he tells me those really nice things about myself that make me laugh uncontrollably…Those endless ‘I love yous’, I miss terribly. It’s almost time to resume school but first, I need to see Tunji before I go back to school. I’ll leave for his place later in the afternoon and return home in the evening to get ready for resumption. But there seems to be something different about today’s meeting…The fact that I really miss him makes me want to slide into his arms, give a very warm hug, and slippery wet peck. (Maybe not a kiss at least for now), but then, I just really feel different about today’s meeting with Tunji. I’m just too sure something will be different about it. *******************

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I got to his house around half past one in the afternoon, and then I found out he was the only one in the house. Yesss!!! I whispered to myself. I’m going to spend all the time alone with my love. It sounded really exciting. The excitement was beginning to reflect in the way I entered into the house when he showed me the way in. I waited patiently for him to enter into the living room where I was standing, and then I moved closer to him and gave him a very warm hug. His hands slid around my waist, then he said ‘Babe I’ve missed you so much’. ‘Well I’ve missed you much more,’ I replied. I sat down beside him,on the three seater chair, and we began discussing about all that happened while we were apart. It was a really nice time I had with him. As I sat down next to him, he placed his hands around my neck, a gesture to draw me rather closer. I moved so close to him that there was no space between the both of us. Well, I did that because I missed the warmth of his embrace. Just then, he began to tickle me, making me lose control of myself, he looked me in the eyes and told me every moment spent with me was worth it, and that he hopes to spend the rest of his life with me seeing he loves the woman I was becoming. 

He told me a lot of sweet stuffs that made me feel like I was on cloud nine. 

At that moment,I removed my hands from his and hugged him warmly. We held each other for about three minutes, his hands patting my back gently and then it started. He started by pecking me on my neck, moved slowly to my tender cheek, then I  felt his lips on mine, to give me that slippery wet kiss my soul wanted. I didn’t even want to let go of him, the thought of moments like these occasionally crossed my mind.

I thought of God just looking down at the both of us and doing SMH and so I carefully pushed him away . I moved backward,cleared my throat and the Bobo quickly came back to his senses. He said he was sorry!!! The whole sensation vanished almost immediately. I led him to the chair, sat beside him and I told him how much I wanted the kiss. But then, I choose to wait…

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I love you! I told him, but kissing you is not a proof that I love you or you love me either. I can kiss you without loving you and love you without kissing you, but then it’s just in obedience to God’s word, and for the sake of our testimony. 

When God commanded that we be chaste, it was for our good…And if you love me, you’ll wait. It’s worth the wait.


He held my hand and this time with a smile. He said, ‘You’re worth the wait and I choose to wait’. And this time, I was ready to leave. 

We went into his car so he could drop me off….While he was driving, I sat down beside him and kept on thinking of what had just happened.

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As I turned, I began to hear a very distant and faint voice, ‘Magii magii, wake up, or you’ll be late for work’…I opened my eyes, it was 7:00 am and I had to be at work for 7:40am. How late I would have been if I had stayed one second more dreaming!….What a dream!!!

Written By Queen-Esther OLOMIDE

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