How to make your spouse’s birthday special without breaking the bank

Oh well hello there Mr/Mrs lover, your boo’s birthday happens to be coming up in a bit and you are stuck trying to figure out how to make it special without breaking the bank or spending a ton of money, well I am also in that dilemma right now.

While relaxing after dinner, trying to think of what to do for my hubby whose birthday is on the 2nd of May, I popped open my Instagram and bam, there goes Davido giving Chioma a Porsche for her birthday. What is this life? Like my sister in law would say, now I went into the comments and I could tell some young men are already feeling a little pressured about the price tag of their gifts from henceforth…Hahaha.

Now let’s make it clear that the price of a gift is not what matters but the thought, the heartfelt emotions that brought about the purchase of that gift or the action. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing to spend on your lover oooh, if you have enough please do it. Don’t be

Frankly, except you have #30BG in your account, ain’t no way in the world you are buying anyone a Porsche or any such thing. So please let us jejely talk about ways to make your partner/spouse’s birthday special on a budget.

Here are few ideas based on my dating experiences, stories I’ve heard and my marriage so far.

  1. Surprise gift or birthday cake delivered to his/her place of work:

    Whether you agree or not having your spouse send an unexpected gift to your office always melts your heart. Whether it’s a cake, a nicely wrapped gift, a wrap of warm shawarma or pizza always feel special. While we were dating, hubby was always known for this kind of surprises.


  2. Breakfast in bed or help your wife with house chores on her birthday:

    Trust me this just helps relieve her of stress on her special day especially if she is a Mom. Helping her bath the kids, helping her with little things like dishes or cleaning can actually make it really special. Giving him breakfast in bed would also make your husband feel so loved. Make an omelette, some grapes, bread, coffee, juice, just anything to make a healthy tray of breakfast.Never say to your husband

  3. Surprise Get together with a few friends at home or Outdoor:

    It doesn’t cost too much to have a few friends over. Buy a few cartons of juice or wine, some snacks and invite 4-10 special friends to celebrate with you guys. Don’t tell him/her just plan it and surprise your partner.spouse birthday- lqueenwrites.png

  4. Surprise Birthday visit/ Dinner or Outing:

    Imagine your spouse working in a different city lets say Ibadan and you just show up unannounced in Ibadan when you had just called him/her two minutes ago complaining about the traffic in Mushin. How sweet would that be? Or you pick her from work and tell her you guys are going home but she dozes off in the traffic and meets herself in a Chinese restaurant. Dinner for two! For my birthday this year, hubby made my fantasy of having Korean cuisine a reality and he also bought me an iPhone. How cool is that?

    Lqueenwrites Wunmi-John

  5. Birthday notes in his/her car, closet, bathroom etc:

    This is actually one very sweet thing. It won’t cost you more than a pen, a love shaped sticky pad and some romantic words to pull this off. Sweet little things actually make a birthday special.

  6. Surprise night/weekend getaway:

    Whether it’s one night at your favourite hotel or at a resort. This might not cost too much if properly planned. Look for options that are within your budget and do something romantic for his/her birthday.


  7. Plan a surprise with the kids:

    If Y’all have kids then planning a birthday surprise for your spouse with the kids is definitely going to be special. That way they feel the love from the entire family and that makes it unforgettable.

    Also read how to plan your child’s birthday party on a budget

  8. Create a video:

    You can make a special video for your spouse in which you express your feelings once again and make them feel wanted, needed and special.

  9. Radio surprise:

    You can have a radio presenter call him/her on air and wish them a happy birthday. That would be really sweet and inexpensive.

  10.  Social Media:

    Whether we like it or not, this is one way to show your spouse you love them. For private people like my hubby, it’s a once in a year thing but if you like being all mushy and expressive go ahead and write that epistle all over your Facebook and Instagram page wishing your lover a happy birthday.

I hope you find one or more of these tips helpful, Y’all please give some more suggestions. I’m still trying to figure out what to do for my hubby’s day.

Let me know in the comments.



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