How to get Different Country stamps on your Virgin Passport on a budget

How to get Various country stamps on new Nigerian passport


Hi Lovelies, it’s been a while since I wrote a post here on the blog but I’ve been quite active on my Instagram profile. If you don’t already follow me pls do so here. I get asked this question a lot about travel history and how to get different country stamps on your virgin passport when you don’t have a lot of money. You guys know I’m always on a budget, so I’m definitely one who would know about this. I decided to write this post to answer that. Now I could easily refer anyone who needs this information here. I hope you would find it helpful too. Kindly share this post someone on your timelines might need it too thank you.


Getting an International passport is the first step to travelling out of the country or starting a life of travel and adventure, so it’s a very vital document in this process . This is why I always advice anyone I know to get a Nigerian passport even if travel plans are not anywhere in sight just yet. I know getting a passport in Ikeja, Lagos can be a Herculean task. That’s why I always recommend using the Abeokuta branch of the Nigerian Immigration Services. I got mine on the same day in Abeokuta. Cool right? 

The reason why it’s important to get your passport ASAP is that you never know when an opportunity to travel might show up. These days, people even win all expense paid trips on Instagram. Who knows? You could be one of the lucky ones so it’s best to meet opportunity with preparation. You agree right?

How to get Various country stamps on new Nigerian passport
How to get Various country stamps on new Nigerian passport

Okay, before I drift into something else let’s assume you finally got your Nigerian passport and you don’t quite have the means to immediately start travelling to Dubai, Seychelles, USA or any of these other places. But you don’t want to keep carrying around a “virgin” passport, then these are some wise options I know that you could take advantage of to get various country stamps on your virgin passport if you are on a really tight budget. Y’all know I’m always on a budget….no shame in my game. LOL


Take a Bus trip to neighbouring countries

In case you didn’t know, you don’t necessarily have to fly a plane to get to neighboring countries like Benin Republic, Togo or Ghana. You can easily save up your 15k or 20k  (could cost more now tho)pack your travel bags and head to Ekene Dili Chukwu Luxurious bus park in Festac Town, Lagos. Your passport would be stamped at the point of entry of each of these countries. It’s that easy to get your passport “disvirgined” literally. If you are in the northern part of Nigeria, I also know you can get to Cameroon easily via Taraba State. Having a travel history on your passport would make it a little less of a hassle to get approved for other visas like Dubai, US or Schengen. This also applies to people in the UK, you can easily visit neighbouring countries via train or bus without spending a ton of money.

Another option is to;

Take advantage of discount travel/tour bonanzas by local travel agencies. 

You can easily get an inexpensive travel package which includes visa, travel and accommodation if you get lucky when booking with these agencies as against booking it all yourself which might cost you more. They also give you suggestions on affordable and exciting travel hubs within Africa that you can go to that won’t dig a hole in your pocket . It’s all about filling those passport pages on a tight budget after all, isn’t it? Follow travel companies like wakanow, travelstartng, Diamondtravels, Social prefect tours and one I use and totally recommend is Travel explorer. I used their service for my Dubai trip and it was great.


Another option for getting travel stamps on your passport would be to;

Take advantage of religious travels

Going to Israel or Mecca might also come in handy. I also know that churches organize mission trips to African countries like Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon etc. You can jump on that too. Work for the lord and get your passport stamped while at it….Amen?

The mission or religious trips to holy lands  are usually organized by religious institutions I.e churches and mosques. These kind of visa applications have a higher success rate.

It’s easier to get visas when it’s a religious tour and the ticket fee might cost you less because they are usually planned in groups.

Take Scholarly Invites or Join to attend Fellowship Conferences

I’m aware of some youth movements and fellowships that organize visas and tickets for people to attend conferences in different parts of the world yearly. They usually don’t cost too much and also have a higher success rate, however I’d advise that you be sure the organizers are legit so that you don’t get swindled. No one deserves that!

One other option I’ve heard of but I don’t in anyway recommend, is to pay travel agencies to stamp your passport in and out of a country you didn’t visit. This is a desperate move on their part to disvrigin passports of first time travellers who want to apply for UK or US Visas on a virgin Nigerian passport . Not recommended fam…it costs a lot to do this and might be detrimental in the end.

How to get Various country stamps on new Nigerian passport

The last but not the least of recommended options is something I already mentioned earlier. That will be to follow celebrities who do travel giveaways, enter for it and hope to win. There’s no harm in trying right? I’ve seen people like Diary of a Naija girl, Juliana Olayande (Toyo baby) post travel giveaway opportunities on Instagram severally. 

So there you have it guys, these are my recommendations for getting different country stamps on your virgin Nigerian passport.

Additionally, it’s advisable to save a little part of your income every month for travel/vacation. If you can, go on a vacation at least once a year. Travel is therapeutic. When you travel, you don’t lose anything because you can always get your money back. However, the adventure and excitement remains with you for a lifetime. Travel itself is wealth! 

Kindly let me know if you found this post helpful and let me know your own suggestions in the comments. Someone else might find it helpful.



How to get Different country stamps on new Nigerian passport
How to get Different country stamps on new Nigerian passport


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