I was at the mall 2weeks ago to buy some items and after getting what I needed, I queued up at the payment counter behind a very robust man and his two equally robust kids. My eyes widened in astonishment as he off loaded the items in his cart. It was like a lorry load of junk food; chocolate, chips, fries, beer, sweets, drinks and cookies. I hurriedly closed my mouth as he looked in my direction but I couldn’t keep my mind from imagining what his weight would be if he ascended a scale.

It equally bothered me to see how the man’s diet had affected his kids and from the look of things they would soon be just like him. My eyes kept roaming to see if his wife would appear from a corner but she was nowhere in sight. I’ve seen cases where one parent keeps buying junk food for the children and the other strongly restricts them from eating any of it. In most cases, the men are the guilty ones.

How can we stop our loved ones from addiction to these things without offending them? Some of us have family members that take sugary things like their stomach is a sugar-store house. Husbands who smoke like a chimney or like their lungs are made of steel. We have women that eat so much junk food like every day is a holiday.

Trust me I’m not a saint at all. Sometimes I crave more sugar than my body needs. In fact, I have a new addiction called Famous Amos. I like it soooo much and sometimes I feel bad that I’m having too much but now I’m trying really trying hard to replace it with cucumber and watermelon and its working…

But really how can we stop them, how can you stop your fiancé or husband from drinking as if he owns a liver spare part shop? How can you curb the sugar addiction in your kids? How can you reduce your fat/cholesterol intake?
It’s really not easy to convince people to change, but if we love them let’s make an effort. We all know how much chronic diseases have taken the lives of so many people. Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer etc
Let’s stay healthy and stay alive for those who love us.

Please share your views on this, what’s your own biggest craving?

Have an amazing week



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  1. Tanx dear for this eye opener. Many people are addicted to sugary tins( yvonne inclusive). We will change according to ur advice. Tanx


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