This love thing ehn!!!

It’s such an amazing feeling when you love someone and the person loves you in return. There are times when you wish you could do all the things Bruno Mars said he could do for his lady in his hit track “Grenade”. Times when you feel like doing something really big and extraordinary for your significant other. In times like this, – pause and think of the SWEET LITTLE THINGS.

Laura and Steven finally started a relationship after knowing each other for 2 years. Steven tried so hard to get Laura and when he finally succeeded in breaking the barrier, he just felt he had to do extraordinary things to prove his love for her. Steven and I lived in the same estate somewhere in Ojo, Lagos back in the days and after my family moved out of the area, we lost contact. We reconnected again recently, thanks to Facebook.

When I asked Steven about his relationship, he told me all about Laura and that he wanted to do all he could to keep her forever. He talked about buying her expensive gifts, saving up his salary for 2months to take her on a private get-away outside the country.


He kept going on and on and on while I sat there laughing my heart out.

Steven almost got cross with me, because I was laughing so hard and people on other tables in the eatery were beginning to stare at him like he was a clown. Trust Naija people na…lol.

I quickly apologized to him and tried to stifle my laughter although it wasn’t so easy coz I found all that Steven said very amusing.
He asked for my view on all that he had said and I told him quite a few things. Let me share with you.

In relationships, a lot of us feel we have to do something really big or extravagant to prove our love for our significant other but sometimes we really don’t have to try so hard. Yeah! It is good to do something big or expensive sometimes, like getting a private yacht or going to Paris but often times it’s the sweet little things that don’t require so much effort, planning or money that mean the most to your partner.

sweet little things

The SWEET LITTLE THINGS in love could help ensure that your partner finds fulfillment in the relationship.

Sweet Little Things like:

    1. The early morning wake up calls

The unexpected calls/texts to find out how his/her day is going.

A surprise visit when he/she is working late at the office

Remembering important dates/events in his/her life.

A kiss on the forehead when he/she returns very tired from a trip, the office or falls ill.

The little compliments on looks, hair, intelligence, sense of humor, dressing and the likes.

Leaving an unexpected “I LOVE YOU” note in his/her car, bag or suitcase.

Dropping cakes/flowers in his/her office before he/she arrives on birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Holding hands in public (cinemas, malls ,eateries) A little public display of love won’t hurt anybody.

Being his/her greatest CHEER-LEADER: when he/she achieves something at work or academically. Maybe a promotion, you should be the first to congratulate your significant other.

Saying I love you at the end of each call: this is a way of telling him/her that no matter how busy it gets, they are still in your thoughts.

Showing interest in your significant others passion, goals and motivating him/her.

Praying together.

All these and more are the SWEET LITTLE THINGS that can spice up a relationship. You can think of some other SLT’s. It is not until you take her overseas like Davido sang or until you take her to Ibiza to eat pizza like Wizkid sang. Oh well! She won’t mind those too but sometimes the Sweet Little Things that seem irrelevant are the things that really do count.

A big surprise once in a while could be great but believe me; nothing can beat the Sweet Little Things.

Start using the SLT’s today!!! Y’heard???

Love Right…Stay Happy.

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  1. That was great. But the truth, I can’t blame Steven; I mean listing to what he said. He was not after how much he could love her, But what “he could do to keep her forever”. Must relationship are like this today because, relationship today is not about the “Heart” but what you can give. Ok let me use this example. Laura have a friend called Stella. Then Steven got some gift “from his heart” to laura which were some flowers and body spray. On the other hand Stella’s boy friend got her a “hot” Black Berry Phone, a pair of shore, and a body spray. So if you were Laura how will you fill? (BILLS)

  2. Very true!!! Our female friends really need to read this. (No offence). Being in love isn’t all about spending its all about caring and sharing. If someone calls u every mornin to ask how ur slept and u expect him to buy u a range rover b4 u know he loves you….. Trust me u are on a long tin.. Nice 1 again…

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