Dennis and two of his friends entered Desiree supermarket to buy a particular after-shave recommended by a colleague at the office. While trying to pick some little choppies from another section of the supermarket,he found himself standing next to a gorgeous damsel.

Dayuum! She was beautiful, she looked like something out of a magazine cover.
Dennis couldn’t hold back, he just kept staring at her and then when she looked up, he spoke. ‘hello cutie’, Dennis said.

With a smile that competed with the sunshine,she said, ‘hi’. Dennis quickly introduced himself, mehn! you should have heard her voice when she said “ I’m Isabelle”. Dennis was completely blown away, no name would have been more appropriate for a creature with such an angelic face.

Isabelle gave Dennis her card when he requested and he also gave his to her. She was into event planning and management. After leaving the premises, Dennis could still picture Isabelle’s face in his mind’s eye. He could already feel the butterflies in his tummy. He and Isabelle had two dates and on the third date, he asked her out and luckily, beautiful Isabelle accepted. The butterflies kept dancing around his tummy, he was overjoyed.

I’m sure you have once had this feeling right? LOL. Why not share with me? Don’t be shy jor

Just like D’banj said ‘Don’t get it twisted love is a beautiful thing’. Love can be a beautiful feeling. It starts with that magical attraction of meeting someone and feeling connected to that person almost immediately. You just start to have that fluttery feeling in your tummy and those around you might even notice an instant change in your mood.

It is that thing that causes you to glow and shine in a very unusual way. It is that thing that makes a lady’s eyes sparkle and makes a man smile from ear to ear, like a cheshire cat. At the arrival of the butterflies, you become vulnerable, you can do almost anything to get the attention of him/her. To get them to accept you.

Oh well!….if only the butterflies stayed forever *sad face* at some point the butterflies might decide to leave and it all becomes normal again. That magical effect he/she has on you might gradually reduce and at some point fade out. Sometimes the butterflies in the tummy IS NOT love, it might just be mere physical attraction.

However, it’s a PHASE….Enjoy the arrival of the butterflies.



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  1. Hmm…lovely write up again,L’Queen. Butterflies huh? True,I’ve had that feeling,and I still have it…I think you have the feeling when U really like somebody,not when U love somebody…I’m saying dis,because I’ve experienced it many times,just by seeing my crush(es)..After awhile tho,the butterflies stop…and so does my interest in my crush(es). I think that if U love some1,U’ll feel something more than butterflies in ur tummy…U’ll feel something…*thinking*…unexplainable! I dnt know what it is,but its definately not butterflies. Have a nice week. 🙂


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