Hello Fam, I hope you all had a great weekend? Mine was lovely, it was an amazing family reunion…Christmas loading…

Well well well, there a lil som’n som’n I wanna talk about today, and its this genotype issue in relationships and marriage.

I was watching TVC last week or the week before can’t really remember and they were airing a programme centered on this same topic.
It took me back to Uni days, I had this sweet friend who had met this amazing guy and they were really getting along, a few months into the relationship the guy asked her what her gentoype was and funny enough she had no idea of what it was. She decided to take a test at the school health centre, she came back that day heart racing, shoulders all slouch and merely looking at her I could already tell what the outcome was. Her amazing man was an AS and she had just gotten the painful news that she was also AS. She didn’t know when she broke into tears because she couldn’t believe that just this genotype issue could break a bond so strong.

Now, Doctors would tell you don’t even think about it. Some Pastors would tell you, if its the will of God, you can go ahead. Then you are torn between the two…what exactly should be done?

To me I think its a very risky thing to go ahead, not because I don’t have faith but for the sake of the unborn children that would suffer the consequences of their parents unshakeable love.
Its a real trial and its really not easy to end a relationship just like that….anywayz what are your thoughts? What would be your advice to someone in this kind of situation? Hold on or Move on?

Please Share your Views…send in your comments.

Have an Amazing week.


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  1. Ahhh!!!!! I’ve been waiting 4 dis topic. This is a very hard thing to think about…. I’m also AS so I know I av to be careful and all. Buh the decision is strictly on the faith of the couple…. My G-parents are both AS and they gave birth to 7 children. And jus one SS. May his soul RIP. If its a couple that can’t take chances they shouldn’t go ahead…. Buh f dey believe all will be well they can go ahead

  2. Gud day L’Queen. I most comment ur effort in dis wonderful $ educating write up.this issue of genotype is realy a threat 2 most families [email protected] has fallen victim ignorantly. The truth remains from the biological point of view,when both parents are carriers of sickle cell aneamia (AS) just as mentioned in ur write up above, is not medically adviced 4 them 2 settle down in order 2 prevent themselves from the day 2 day crisis. WHY? Bcos if they happen 2 born 4 children 4 instance: 2 of those children will be carriers of sickle cell AS as a result of inheritace from both parent:1 will be complete sickler SS and other 1 will be normal (AA). So u can begin c the whole lot of stress N crisis [email protected] dey wil undergo.

  3. Good writeup QueenD
    Yes Is very Important For 2knw the Genotype cause this is more dangerous than HIV to me So u should both Understand the condition Before agreement because Your Children will be in pain and that you wouldn’t want 2 see but if you choose the unconditional love then you have Adopt children that’s only best option then agree on no biological children

  4. Well, I would also advice not going on with the relationship if ur genotype does not blend.ITS NOT VERY EASY THO!!!


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