It was barely 3 months since Niniola was transferred to another branch of the Electronics Sales Company she worked with. Her colleagues had gisted her about the distributors and how generous some of them could be if their orders were treated and delivered on time. Nini vowed to make herself one of their favourites so that beyond her monthly salary which was barely enough she would have extra change to fix clothes, hair and make-up. Everything is about packaging these days, one has to always dress and look the part. No one wants to know if you earn a meagre salary or nothing at all, just make sure you look as gorgeous as possible.

On this particular day, it had rained heavily and on days like that work was usually slow and boring. Ladele walked into the office, he was a fine gentleman. He looked like a movie actor that kind of ‘Chidi Mokeme or Idris Elba’ kind of man. The other sales ladies were drooling over him, everyone adjusting in their seats trying to get his attention. Unfortunately for them, he walked up to Nini’s desk.

‘Hello there, how are you today?’ Ladele asked with a crooked smile on his gorgeous face.
‘Morning sir, I am doing great. How may I help you sir?’
‘C’mon just call me Ladele, he said tightening his brows’
‘I got this invoice from the sales manager; please I need you to treat my order ASAP’. Ladele said his voice so tender.

Niniola did a good job. She got all the items and made sure the guys from his company loaded all of them in the truck. She issued his receipt and returned to her seat. Her colleagues teased her about how diligent she was in her service delivery to Ladele. She swore that she had treated him the same way she would have done to any other customer. They said she had added a little extra and that’s why he kept staring at her as she paced around trying to organize things.

The picture of Ladele remained in her head. That was a first for her; she was never like that with any other guy no matter how cute. Her computer made a sound and she checked and saw an email. It was from her last customer. He must have been really impressed by her service.

‘Hey beautiful, thanks for the timeliness in service delivery, I appreciate. Ladele’
Nini smiled at her computer, he seemed like a really nice guy’ she decided to reply his mail;
‘My pleasure….thanks for your patronage. Nini’.  She tapped the enter key and sighed as the mail delivered.

She was about to shut down her computer for lunch break, when she realized she had gotten yet another mail from Ladele.
‘Hi Pretty, can you have lunch with me this afternoon? I would pick you up in a jiffy.  Please don’t say no. Ladele’
Nini was hesitant at first but she recalled it had been a while she had been on a date; ever since Kingsley broke up with her 2 years ago she had remained solo. She replied his mail;
‘Not a bad idea, but I can’t stay out too long’ Nini

Talking to Ladele was delightful. There was a feeling of warmth and humour about him that caught her fancy. It took a lot of discipline for her to get up from the table after her meal, the sales manager would be furious if she spent more than 30 minutes for lunch. She could tell that Ladele had enjoyed her company too; she used the remaining time to stare at him and take in every detail of his face as he settled their bills. One could tell that Ladele was a rich man, his modest dressing and humility was just his own good nature. It’s hard to find a rich man with such modesty these days, there was nothing ostentatious about Ladele something very uncommon for guys with his kind of affluence.
She quickly looked away as he almost caught her staring at him. Ladele drove her back to her office in good time.
‘I wish you didn’t have to go’ Ladele said ruefully as he parked.
‘So do I, I had a nice time. Thanks a lot’ Nini replied smiling sheepishly. He promised to see her soon; he hugged her as she walked into her office.
Nini heard a bang on her desk.
‘Nini, Niniola….your next customer is around’, Yebo shouted.
She woke up and bent to pick the distributor’s file she had been looking at earlier. She looked up to find Ladele standing before her. She was shocked and confused all at once, had she been dreaming, was it a déjà vu……when did she fall asleep?
‘Good afternoon’, she mumbled. She was trying to figure out what had been going on in the last 1 hour. Then he spoke…..
‘Hello Nini, we meet again….’ Ladele said the crooked smile she knew so well on his face.
‘We have never….’ She argued. Still trying to differentiate between the man in her dreams and the one standing before her. Then he interrupted her argument….
‘We met in your dreams’ Ladele said tauntingly. He laughed out loud as Nini sank into her seat terrified as she gazed in fear at the Man in her Dreams….

Hello y’all, I hope your week is going good. Not your regular short love story huh? hehehe. Not everything is as it seems. What do you think of Nini’s situation? Is Ladele real?
Share your thoughts….complete the story. I want to hear from you.
Till I write you again…cheerio

Tolu Lemikan Eda-Daniel

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