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Travel buddy

Thoughts of blogging about my Dubai trip has been on my mind but actually getting to do it has been a struggle. I finally got to make a rough draft of it so you can read but I think the video below about my Dubai experience is much more fun and detailed.

I know for sure, that there are some of us who just love to read and its because of those people I will be writing about the few places I visited and the magnificent splendor and beauty of Dubai my eyes took in.

Dubai is an extremely beautiful city, seeing pictures of it on Instagram when the Wedding Party 2 was being shot there just made me dream I would be able to go there someday, so when it actually happened it was a dream come true for me.

I had this feeling that one had to be fully covered up (Muslim Style) in Dubai being a largely Muslim City but that wasnt the case, the city has embraced modernity (although its still expected that one abides by their strict laws and of corse its always better to cover up) Tourism is one of the major sources of revenue for them so they have a very diverse population.

Lqueen Dubai
Jason and I

The roads in Dubai are sparkling clean, I really tried to find the smallest piece of dirt on the roads but none was in sight. They are a very organized people, a far cry from my beloved Nigeria. I noticed a large number of white cars on the road, it appeared to me that its kind of a fetish for them to have white cars. They also have a very well structured transportation service with the Dubai Taxi and the trains that move without a driver, how cool is that?? the service is very affordable and appeared really safe to me all Taxis are monitored and have in built Cameras, fares are automated, drivers polite, everything on point

Dubai’s city planning was intentionally and meticulously done. The structures all have some sort of uniformity, Arabian style architecture. They pride themselves in making aesthetic sky high buildings that would last for centuries. Most of their buildings have titles like tallest, grandest, largest attached to them like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, the twin towers etc and that shows without a doubt that they take pleasure in record breaking.

Lqueen Dubai
Dubai Sky High Buildings ?

Lqueen travels

The weather in Dubai during my trip was about 43 degrees, so you can imagine the intensity of the sun. I really thank God for creating me in black skin, a black girl need no suncreen…we are sunkissed already. loool
My tour guide said the weather could be as high as 53 degrees sometimes which is really scary if you ask me, my next visit should definitely be during winter.I will pass on Summer holidays to Dubai….I’m not doing rehearsal for hell fire biko.

Another amazing thing is that the bus stops are fully air conditioned, super cool right? Their Sheikh sure cares about their well being unlike our own bus stops that have no cover, so even when its pouring theres really no where to run to.

The people in Dubai are generally friendly , they have a fun way of talking in “twos” You will hear things like “come-come”, “friend-friend”, “take-take” etc which reminds me of our own “wa-wa”,” je-je”, “eaty eaty, “Yama Yama”, “poto poto, Chuku Chuku”and so on.

We met a lot of nice people at the Jumeirah Beach( a man-made Beach that stretches across several hotels and resorts) Some of them were asking to take pictures with us and some even went as far as asking for our Facebook names so they could tag us in it, I found that really weird though.

I didn’t get to visit all the places I wanted to considering the nature of my trip, I was really sad I didn’t go to the desert Safari but I was able to see a few beautiful places I’ll list below


Atlantis the Palm




Burj Al Arab

Jumeirah Beach/ Burj Al Arab


The Dubai Mall Lqueenwrites
The Dubai Mall


Lqueen Dubai
Dubai Aquarium


The Dancing Fountain
Dancing fountain



No pictures allowed in SAGA


L'queen writes
At the Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque

The video above shows a lot more of my Dubai experience all the way from the airport to my hotel room and to clips of all the places, history and in depth descriptions of the places visited by my tour guide and all the beauty that my pretty eyes took in, in that city. Make sure to watch and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

Travel Buddies at the Emirates

It was a fantastic trip and I would definitely love to visit Dubai again and Abu Dhabi also. If you have been to the city, kindly share some of your experiences and kindly suggest possible places I should look out for in my next visit.

Keep the comments rolling in guys….Love ya!

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