Hey Lovelies, It’s another Wednesday! And here on LQUEENWRITES blog, it means Love story of the week! I am so delighted to bring you yet another True Love story and this story is from Tife Daniel & Folu. Young love is so beautiful to watch, isn’t it? These two are obviously so in love and we are so happy to share in their joy. If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, definitely do that to get the best of relationship tips and true love stories every week! Okay! Let’s get the gist of how this love story all started. TIFOLU 2017


Smile for me

How did you meet? And where?

Tife: Our first meeting was my office, she came with her friend to get her assignment done, luckily for me I got to meet her that beautiful day.

Folu: I met for the first time at his office, I had gone to do my assignment and that’s where we first saw each other.

My shoulder to lean on

How long is your relationship?

Tifolu 2017: It’s been a year and 8 months since we started our relationship

How was the proposal?

Tife: My proposal was a very funny type, I did it after making sure she can’t say no, that was after our family introduction, I told her we are going to attend a friend’s birthday party, while there I noticed she wasn’t pleased  with the way the birthday party turn out to be. *dull* she stood up to place order for drink for us, I then walked up to her, got close and went to my knees and then asked her to MARRY ME

Folu: He told me we were to attend a friend’s birthday party together, it turned out to be that kind of party where you get nothing to eat so you have to help yourself by placing your own order. I got up to place an order and when I turned back I saw one black man on his knee with a ring asking me to marry him. I said YES!

tifolu 2017
Marry me baby!
tifolu 2017
She’s all mine

What do you like most about each other?

Both: We are very like-minded, we work well together to bring our ideas to fruition and we enjoy each other’s company.

What do you picture your future home would be like?

Tife: In one word Greener Pastures, beautiful and loving home.

Folu: I look forward to a blissful marriage with my best friend and partner for life.

tifolu 2017

A word for singles still waiting on God?

Tife: Singles waiting on God for a partner should see it as a period in which God is busy preparing them for the spouse that ll lead them to d promise land and not to the perishing land.As soon as he completes his work, the manifestation will b seen…..one thing is sure, even when he seems late to us, he is always still on time.

Folu: Pray, work on yourself and wait for God to bring the right one your way.

TIFOLU 2017 is taking place on the 16th December 2017. The wedding is going to be lit!

tifolu 2017

LQUEENWRITES wishes this beautiful couple a blissful and fruitful union, Kindly drop a congratulatory message for them before you leave.

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