Tired of Waiting… it’s hard

Waiting is hard Lqueenwrites

Have you ever gotten to a point when it feels like your life is on pause? You look around you and it seems everyone else is going so fast and you are so far behind. Hungry to make moves but you feel stuck and alone? Yea….me too. Waiting sucks.

In the last 2 months, God has been showing me so much about waiting. I have come to realize that even though I can see the plan or let’s call it vision of what is to come, I can’t just sprint into it immediately.

There are times of pause in the course of my journey and although it drives me crazy to sit still and do nothing my life takes course according to God’s plan not mine!

Waiting is hard Lqueenwrites


Waiting doesn’t mean you didn’t hear God correctly, it doesn’t mean your expectation will never come to pass or that your faith is lacking sometimes God uses our time of wait to strengthen our faith and build us up for what lies ahead.

During that time of waiting when you feel like you are on pause, it might be the ideal time you need to develop yourself, acquire skills or material that will make your time worthwhile in the end.

Waiting is hard Lqueenwrites


We might be tempted to shorten the time of our wait due to comparison.By influencing factors or doing it the easy way but let’s remember that good things come to those who wait.

Even when God has shown you the full layout of what your life would be, there’s a need to wait for specific instructions before making each move. I know it’s tough but it’s the right thing.

There are instances where God drops an idea in my head and I receive it in excitement. Because I’m naturally a doer, I always like to make things happen. I’ll just go right ahead to do everything in my power to work it out but it in the end it doesn’t yield results. Why? Because although it was the right thing to do, it just wasn’t the right time!

So in my current wait, I’ve learnt to trust God. It’s difficult when it feels like everyone is going ahead doing phenomenal things but I believe he always knows the right timing to work it out and my anxiety or worry won’t change his mind.

Waiting is hard Lqueenwrites


I might not be able to shorten my wait time but I have the power to do two things while I’m waiting which I implore you to do today;

I have the power to determine how I wait

By refusing to let my waiting get the best of me and being productive regardless.

By making the best of what is available to me.

By praying, trusting and believing in Gods timing.

I have the power to determine who I become while waiting

By developing my skill set so that my preparation matches my expectation when it comes

By being a channel of blessing even if I don’t have it all

By embracing positivity, reaffirmation and self-love

In case you are also in a waiting season like me, I encourage you to think of your waiting as a controlled time of preparation. Regardless of what you are waiting for, a wife, a husband, a baby, a job or business etc.

Let’s take this time to prepare ourselves for what it is to come. Abraham is a perfect example for us. He received the promise of a child however he had to wait many long years for its fulfilment.

Another example is David, he was anointed many years before he eventually became king. During his wait time, he developed himself and that made him a far better King than Saul.

Find peace in your pause but don’t lose hope for the future. Ask for grace to know when to move fast, when to go slow and when to do nothing but WAIT.

I receive Grace!

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