Hello my Lovelies, I’m glad to bring to you our first December Love story. These two are so in love, talking to the groom and seeing how much he loves her was just so sweet. I like it when a man loves a woman so much more, it makes the relationship even sweeter.

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Here’s the beautiful Love story of Tolu and Ajibola: TOLUAJI2017

How did you meet? And where?

Ajibola:  The truth is that I have not recovered from the joy that this beautiful Tolulope will be my life partner ,I met her 2015 at U.I ,when she walked in I was attracted to her but kept mute but after the hours she spent Beside me as she was going I was forced to speak with her just to have her number ,but she said no that she was going to give me her Facebook ID , I accepted at least it is better than none ???and that was how I developed this interest for her but I had to take my time ,one thing I noticed about tofunmi is that she is not a lady who is being carried away with physical things because she is loaded and independent ,so I needed more than the things I had to approach her ,it took me a year to finally open up to her for her to know my mindset ,I asked her out on her last paper that was last year July (2016)

Tolu: I actually went to the university of Ibadan to get a novel from school ,I was in 300l then that was 2015….when I got to the bookshop I met him ,he was sitting beside me ,seriously I didn’t even notice him like then because I was tired that day ,I stayed long before they answered me that day ,then we started talking, as I was about to leave he then asked for my number I said no because I felt it was too early, so instead I gave him my Facebook username, he promised to add me up which he did later that day .

toluaji2017 lqueenwrites
Tell me you love me

How long did it take before you agreed to date him?

Tolu: He opened up to me last year July 29th that was on the day of my last paper as an undergraduate, he said and I quote “Tofunmi I love you, can you be my woman”, well I replied him that I was going to get back to him, because then I was carried away with business and church activities things, he kept on reminding me that he really meant every of his words

Ajibola: She responded to my request last year November and it was like a dream after I got her reply

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I am yours, you are mine!

How long is your relationship now?

Ajibola: It is a year, met her 2015 tho but it was official last year November

Tolu: I went on my knees to pray knowing fully well that this person is serious and I would not want to waste anyone time, I prayed and I was convinced within me that his intentions towards me were good , I told my Dad and he prayed along with me ,he got back to me and said all is well, so I officially replied to his request November 2016. It’s a year now

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Marry me!

What was the proposal like?

Tolu: SIGH***Ajibola is a very shy personality ,I knew that even from the first day ,because of my oriflame business I travel to Lagos frequently to get my goods and to attend seminars also ,so he has been telling me that he wants us to see and hook up ,didn’t know what he was up to tho ,I told him no problem ,we met middle of may this year at Lagos that was before I went to the NYSC camp ,he said he wanted me to go along to the camp being engaged ,lolz ….then he told me will you marry me ??well I didn’t know what to say because I was shocked ,amazed ,my heart was beating fast ,he could see that on my face, then I replied him saying YES

Ajibola: I didn’t know how to even surprise her , Tolulope can form hard to be moved sometimes ??I invited her to Lagos and we met ,I went straight to the point that Baby will you marry me ,she said yes and that is one of my greatest day in my life

toluaji2017 lqueenwrites
I am so glad heaven gave me you!

What are the things you love most about each other?

Ajibola: She is a lover of Christ
A devoted lady
What attracted me most was seeing a lady so independent
A giver (she is full of surprises)
Very friendly

Tolu: Ajibola is a very simple man
A lover of Christ
Caring and loving
Calm and
He is a peacemaker

toluaji2017 lqueenwrites
Let’s conquer it all TOGETHER!

What do you picture your future with each other to be like?

Tolu: A home filled with peace and joy
I can picture a very sweet home
And also a home filled up with harmony

Ajibola: With God being by our side I can picture a sweet home filled up with all beautiful things

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What advice would you give singles out there still waiting on God?

Tolu: The advice I can give to all singles out there is that keep praying and don’t be in haste to be in a relationship, be watchful and while waiting keep yourself clean and let God direct your footsteps

Ajibola: The only advice I can give to all singles out there is that let God be your guide in every step that you decide to take.True love still exists  ,so pray to get yours

There you have it guys, the beautiful love story of Tolu & Ajibola. Their wedding takes place on the 16th of December,2017.

LQUEENWRITES wishes this beautiful couple a blissful and fruitful union, Kindly drop a congratulatory message for them before you leave.

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