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Hi, Lovelies!  In every organization, church or gathering of people there are some kinds of people that can’t be ignored. Not just because they have a knack for excellence in their chosen fields or positions but they have a peculiar kind of grace that makes them stand out. I’m bringing you my list of most eligible bachelors in RCCG. Y’all know I am RCCG to my bones!


I had wanted to do this post earlier in the year but somehow I just pushed it aside, some of the gentlemen on my initial list have tied the knot recently so my list of about  8 or 10 has reduced. I’ll list those who got married before I got serious enough about writing this list towards the end of the post.


So here are my top 6 most eligible bachelors in RCCG right now

most eligible bachelors lqueenwrites1. BeeJay Sax: Bolaji BANJOKO


(MARRIED!!) Y’all calm down, I know the brother is already bowing out of bachelorhood but as at the time of writing this post, he was still a bachelor. Beejay Sax is one of the fastest growing saxophonists in Nigeria, he has performed in major events from churches to corporate organizations to weddings and lots more. Recently he hosted his own BeeJay Sax Live concert that literally shut Lagos down. Despite his busy schedule he’s a man who loves God and is committed to his service as a member of the RCCG Praise Team.

Asides his good looks, we are told that he has a very good personality and is down to earth. This man definitely deserves the number one spot in our list of eligible bachelors.

most eligible bachelors lqueenwrites

BeeJay Sax is set to marry his beautiful bride today. We wish this quintessential gentleman a happy married life.


most eligible bachelors lqueenwrites 2. Tosin Bee: Tosin ADEJUMOBI

I am a huge fan of his, he is that guy with a golden voice who knows how to bring the roof down in Praise and worship. Tosin bee is a recording artist and gospel minister that has ministered in over 200 different churches, he also has a live band for weddings and events.

With an average of 3-6 ministrations every week, you can tell that his gift is definitely making room for him. He is a lover of God, music and fashion. A prominent member of the RCCG National Mass Choir

Did I tell you he is always looking dapper? His native and corporate  outfits are always well-tailored and he finishes his looks with the most gorgeous shoes.

We earnestly await the blessed sister that the Lord is preparing for our beloved brother, Tosin Bee.


most eligible bachelors lqueenwrites3. Olaolu OROGE

This is another suave gentleman we have in RCCG. Laolu is a very detailed and dedicated young man. He is a senior protocol officer who works closely with the overall coordinator of the Pastors’ Seed Family.

He is soft spoken and very caring, scoring tops in the looks department as well. Passionate about God, humble and very disciplined.

We can’t wait for the unveiling of the precious sister designed for our brother in the lord

most eligible bachelors lqueenwrites4. Oluwafemi OYEWUNMI

(NOW MARRIED!!!)Femi is a fine gentleman with a passion for the things of God. He is one of the executives at the RCCG Pastors Seed Family. He is a senior associate at PWC. A bright minded millennial with a drive for excellence. He is a handsome and hardworking brother with a very good sense of style.

We are earnestly awaiting the unveiling of the beautiful sister packaged for our brother, he most definitely deserves a spot on this list.




most eligible bachelors lqueenwrites








5. Elgee: Olalekan ADESINA

most eligible bachelors lqueenwrites(NOW MARRIED!!)Elgee is that guy who can hold his own at any time, very versatile and well grounded. The Host with the most who anchors everything from corporate events to weddings to church programmes, you name it. He has worked with various brands as a master of ceremonies including the prestigious MTN brand.

Elgee has proved himself over the years as a dedicated entrepreneur. He is a lover of God and good music, committed to helping others grow in the light of God. He hosts his comedy show as well as a Word/Prayer programme for young people to promote godly entertainment and godly discussions amongst youth.

Elgee definitely deserves a spot on this list of eligible bachelors.

most eligible bachelors lqueenwrites6. P.DANIEL: Daniel OLAWANDE

(NOW MARRIED!!!!) P.Daniel, as he is fondly called, is your modern day kind of Elisha with fire in his bones. He is the Pastor of RCCG LivingSeed Church in Victoria Island, a parish set up by the Pastors Seed Family.

He is a gentleman completely sold out to God. He has organized very successful healing crusades, outreach, non-stop prayer/tongues programmes that have left his name on the lips of RCCG youths especially when he healed a man of madness in Sango, Ota.

Without a doubt, you can tell that P.Daniel is highly anointed.

We can’t wait to see the firebrand sister gloriously packaged for this powerful man of God, he’s an exceptional kind in our time. He sure deserves to be on this list of eligible bachelors.


So there you have it guys that’s my list of top most eligible bachelors in RCCG, some others who got married before I could make this list include

Who else do you think should have made this list? Tell me in the comments



I want to use this medium to invite you to the RCCG National Youth Convention this October, its tagged Agents of Transformation. It promises to be a life-changing encounter.

most eligible bachelors lqueenwritesTrust me, the notes I took from last year’s youth convention are still very close to my heart.I enjoin you not to miss this edition, you know its always a blast when youths and young adults gather.

For those outside Nigeria, DOVE TV can hook you up, watch on Youtube. ALL programmes would be aired live.

Who knows? you might meet that gloriously packaged brother/sister God designed for you at the youth convention. Don’t miss it!


Please do join us!


Are you coming? Let me know in the comments

Love Y’all


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