This last week was fun-filled. It was a really good thing to have two days off as public holiday. Nigerians

like holidays a lot. I flew to Abuja on Wednesday and it was a grand reunion between my Abuja

neighbors and I. We gisted for hours. Two of them got married this year, so our conversations switched

from the usual fashion, music and movies to Marriage and relationships.

The single one amongst them complained of her boyfriend’s old school mate who just got a new job

and had to move to Abuja. Of course for the first month, she allowed her boyfriend assist his friend with

accommodation and navigating her way through the big city. But that was 3months ago and this lady

is still very much into her boyfriend’s life. Let’s call him Fred. My neighbor has tried countless times to

rub it in her face that ‘THIS IS MY MAN’ or ‘THE BOY IS MINE’ but this other lady doesn’t care. I guess she

belongs to the ‘THERE IS LOVE IN SHARING’ school of thought.

Recently, Fred has had to share time with both ladies separately because his girlfriend is tired of hanging

out with her boyfriend and his friend all the time when they should be having their moments ‘two-ogether’ and ‘not three-gether’. Now my neighbor has resolved to putting some of her properties in his

car and leaving her shoes and clothes in his house to mark her territory. So that whenever the other lady

pops in, she’ll realize Fred’s lover is doggedly trying to protect her relationship and she should leave her

man alone. Trespassers beware sign!

I’ve heard similar stories before but this particular one baffles me. Sometimes some friends are aware the guy is in a serious relationship yet they still hang around playing damsel-in distress. Calling him when they have a slight headache, calling him when they need to fix a light bulb….what the hell??!!

If you are guilty of this, you better watch out. Some girlfriends, wife and fiancees can go any length

to protect their man. Just the way dogs protect their owners/environs and would viciously attack any

trespassers….that’s the same way some women would pounce on you if you come too close for comfort.

Don’t even try the married women…they know how to pour pepper water and hot water on people so


So tell me ladies, what are the measures you use in marking your territory or to prove to other girls that

the boy is yours?

Guys, do you also mark your territory? Please share your stories….i’ll love to read from you.

Have an amazing week ahead y’all.



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