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Weekends are the perfect time to relax, get groceries, do laundry and a host of other things. I try as much as I can to make my weekends fun and one way to do that is to dress down and just breathe.

weekend outfit






These outfits are my go-to weekend looks, I absolutely love how simple yet chic the outfits are.

weekend outfit


You can definitely run around with kids in a playground with these, you can also hang out with friends at the cinemas or at a restaurant in these as well.


The good part is that everything I have on in the first look is less than 5k, super affordable, very comfortable and stylish altogether.

weekend outfit
Melanin Popping…lol


For the first weekend outfit (pictured above), I got the Black Vee-neck top and white sneakers from Primark while the Polka dot leggings are from one random Ibo Uncle’s store in Balogun or Tinubu, Lagos. I’m still not sure where I got it from. I wore this to go gym scouting, I want to join the fit fam. LOL


weekend outfit
Blue flower print cold shoulder top on black skinny denim

The second weekend outfit is also super comfy although a lot more pricey than the first, the black skinny jeans were from H&M,  I got the Blue Cold shoulder top and the tan coloured flats at Primark. It’s also affordable and super comfy.

The red Ernea bag is from Poppy Apparel an online clothing store that sells really gorgeous outfits and they offer free shipping worldwide. Use my discount code LQUEEN at checkout to get 10% off.

I wore it to the Black Bloggers United Happy Hour dinner in New York.

Which is your favourite of the two weekend outfits? The first one or the second? Tell me in the comments.

So what’s your own favourite weekend outfit like? Asides party outfits for owambe or weekend parties, do you choose comfort on weekends or you still rock dresses and heels on the weekend?


Share your thoughts in the comments.


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