spend time alone

spend time alone

Do you have this irritable feeling when too many people are in your home? Do you sometimes feel exhausted and distracted all together? Are you having a writer’s or creative’s block? Have you been feeling a little confused about your next step and completely overwhelmed when you think of the days ahead?

If any of these is similar to anything you are currently feeling then you need to make a quick plan to spend some time alone.

For some people, they have never really lived alone. Imagine you move from a cosy house that accommodates 6 people to a school dorm that takes 40 people and then from there you go to college and you have a roommate or maybe even 3 of them, you get married and then you have kids. That’s pretty much your whole life!

It’s like you never really had the chance to experience that sort of freedom that comes with being on your own, not like the above scenario is a terrible way to live but sometimes a little solitude does you good.

After Uni, I pretty much lived alone until I got married and I know how much those years I lived alone shaped me.

Oh I know, maybe you can’t afford to move out on your own and be without family or friends but you sure do need to be spending some time in the company of just yourself, I’m here to tell you why.

spend time alone

Why you need to spend some time ALONE

1. Alone Time helps you build your Independence

I think it’s great to have people to lean on at all times, your family and friends but sometimes we tend to become too comfortable with all the love we are getting that we give up our independence.

Asides the freedom that comes from living alone, you also learn to become very independent.

When I lived alone I knew it was my responsibility to stock up my groceries, pay my bills, fill up my gas, fuel my car and do pretty much everything on my own. I didn’t have anyone to put the blame on if anything went wrong at home so I was always super conscious of whatever needed to be done.

I think being alone helps you take responsibility and do things without expecting someone else to assist or help you out. So if you find that you are over-dependent on people, it might be because you really haven’t tried being alone for a while.

2. Solitude provides ample time for you to think

It’s not easy to really think straight when you are constantly surrounded by people. One way or the other the voice in your mind echoes their thoughts and opinions instead of doing its own thinking job.

When you spend time alone you get to process things from your own perspective, you clearly organize your mind and you can fully place how you feel about issues you have at hand.

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3.  Spending Time Alone helps you learn more about yourself

Sometimes you never know what you are capable of until you are left alone. Some ladies say things like I can’t change my tires on my own, I can’t put on the generator on my own, I need someone to help me change my light bulb etc.

When you are alone, you might realize that you just do all these things yourself  even without being taught. Somehow you just figure things out. I really can’t explain where that super hero ability emanates from but most of the time it does.

It simply allows you to discover your handyman side and that way you can be more useful to the people around you.

4.  Solitude helps you relax and recharge

When you spend time alone, you can fully relax and enjoy the company of yourself. I like to listen to music and read books to relax. There’s nothing more annoying like being interrupted by a “Mummy is calling you” when you are trying to enjoy the rhythm of the music playing alongside the beat of your heart.

Spending time away from home or people to relax, pray, study and restrategize for the future is definitely beneficial especially as a young adult. It helps you avoid burnouts and unnecessary agitation.

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5. Alone Time helps you discover or develop your creative side

For some people, their creativity doesn’t come to play until they are away from all external influences. That’s the reason why we have Grammy award-winning bathroom singers and Oscar award-winning bedroom actresses. When you are alone you tend to be more expressive, not overly conscious of who is watching.

So if you are a creative person, try doing something while you are alone. Maybe you paint, write, sing etc. and you would notice that your gift flows or should I say flourishes more when you are in the company of yourself.

All in all, spending time alone is undeniably essential for everyone. I feel like when you enjoy the company of yourself, it further strengthens your relationship with people and boosts your self-confidence altogether.

If you have been denying yourself some alone time, start planning one right away. It’s one self-care routine that you should adopt from time to time.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a week-long or a month long.

Just a day or two might be what your mind needs to refresh, reboot and re-energize.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, kindly let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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