She can Lie for Africa

Emeka is a young man of about 32years. He is more than ready to get married but he says he hasn’t found the perfect one. For Emeka it’s all about sincerity. He has passed the stage of going after beauty or booty. He wants a good woman, a good wife so when he met Amara he felt the search was over. She was cute and easy on the eyes.

They started dating while Amara was still hunting for a job. With the help of Emeka and his friend Ugonna, Amara was able to secure a job in a Real estate company.

Everything seemed to be going on well in the first five months of their relationship until Emeka started noticing some changes in Amara. She would borrow a lot of money from him and other people but she will never return it. Whenever he asked her what she was using such huge amounts of money for, she would tell tales of how people were threatening to collect her late father’s lands because of the debts he owed before he died.

Emeka being a good lover, would feel pity for her and even give her some more money because she had earlier informed him of the death of her father after a battle with cancer. This continued for over 6 months and when Emeka couldn’t take it anymore, he began to ask questions.

One of Amara’s neighbors’ who was aware of her scheme, felt pity for Emeka and decided to spill the beans. She told Emeka that it was true that Amaka’s father left debts but that her elder brothers had long settled the debts he owed. She explained to Emeka that Amara loved money and since she noticed it was very easy to use a storm in a teacup to get money from him, she intended to exploit it well.

Emeka was shocked! With his eyes open, he began to replay the scenes of how Amara cried to him when asking for money. After he got to know the truth, he kept quiet. They always say, ‘revenge is a meal best served cold’. So he decided to take his time to plan it well.

About a week after he got to know the truth, Amara came again crying that she needed some money to complete her younger brother’s fees in one of the private universities in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Emeka gave it to her but he was silently making his own plans…..hehehe *evil grin*

After a while, Emeka told Amara that he would like to buy her a car but that she should add a little money to the one he had. Amara was overwhelmed; she kissed him like never before. Before he could say Jack Robinson, the same lady who always said she doesn’t have money signed a cheque for 300,000 Naira. She really wanted that car.

Emeka as a sure boy, smiled to the bank and after he withdrew the money, he dropped a note in Amara’s house. Prior to this, he had informed the police in case she went to report that he had swindled her.

When Amara got the note, she broke down in tears. Her nosy neighbors’ came out to make jest of her. Laughing and jesting, saying words like, “shebi na you sabi lie pass?” “God don catch you”

Emeka was heartbroken because he never thought the Amara he had already introduced to his parents could deceive him that much. He was lucky to get back a little of his money anyway.

But really, why do people extort money from their significant other? If someone genuinely loves you and can sacrifice anything for your sake, is that enough license to take him/her for a fool? I feel it’s very unfair. What are your thoughts? What do you think of Amara?

If you have a lover like this, please be careful…Don’t be fooled oh. Some of those tears are not genuine. How will you be giving all your income to someone all in the name of love? Biko! Don’t be fooled!

But some people can Lie sha, they don’t even need to think before the inspiration for lies flow.

What are your thoughts? Have you had experiences with people that are professionals in the lying industry?

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  1. hmmm gone are d days wen love was blind, nowadays love aint blind oooo, na shine ur eyes things. Gues wat love don dey use scanner self. Bt really we av to knw ple we claim to love indepth more dan wat se r led to bliv

  2. Those that deceive just to get what they want,are more or less deceiver(devil) L’queen thank u for this message,i will be wise.


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