3 Reasons Why the Close Friends Instagram story feature is amazing! | How to Use it

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I once asked someone why he doesn’t share stuff on his Instagram stories ( Instastories) especially when he travels a lot and his response was that Instagram Stories are too public. This is quite true, especially if you are having a business page with lots of followers. Well thanks to Instagram’s new Close Friends feature, you can now share stuff with only just a few people you choose from your list of followers

1 You get to share the things that matter most with the ones who matter most (you feel me) : This new feature reminds me of the BBM (Blackberry messenger days)Only those on your Close Friends list get to see very personal things, private moments with family, photos of your kids, things you’ll rather not share with the whole world especially if you have a business page or a wide following . 

2 Block off the monitoring spirits and negative people ?? ; there are people on your page who you don’t necessarily want to block but you feel like they just watch your stories and do not interact with you nor engage with your content. There are also people who just watch your stories to catch up with your life, some feel like you are showing off or trying to intimidate them, while some won’t just let you live your best life ??so the close friends Instagram story feature is a way to keep them out. I’m not saying you should skip adding your Mom and Dad tho ???don’t skip your Pastor too ?

3. You can reach a particular set of people if you need to make an announcement: If you ever need to announce something that you’ll rather not do publicly on your page. Wedding, naming, new job etc just information for only the REAL ones. Remember social media is not real life hahaha

This is how to use this amazing feature;

1. Create your story

Instagram stories close friend feature
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2. Tap the green star button that says, Close Friends,

Instagram would suggest the people you interact with the most. Choose the people you want in that list

3. Post your story

4. After the first time, you’ll only have to tap the green Close Friends button to post a story to your reserved list of friends and you can add more people later if you wish.

So with the Close Friends Instagram story feature you can go on and live your best life. You won’t be bothered by the monitoring spirits and negative people on your stories but hey! Don’t do what God won’t be proud to watch ?


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