7 Simple Things I do lately that make my life a lot easier

7 simple things I do lately that make my life easier lqueenwrites

I think one of the best things I have done for myself in the last couple of months, is intentionally trying to make my life easy breezy. 

Everyday, I’m discovering new ways to eliminate all the unnecessary stress and drama I had to go through last year.

Now I won’t boast that I’m quite there yet, but I can tell you that I have made considerable progress since I set out on this objective of mine.

I see a lot more difference between last year and this year because I have much more clarity as to the things I want to pursue and how I want my life and family to be run.

7 simple things I do lately that make my life easier lqueenwrites

So let me share these 7 simple things with you real quick;

  • Focusing on a few important things instead of a thousand things at once

Last year was a great year for me, however I felt like I took on too many responsibilities at a time and I really had no time to focus on myself, my growth and the things that have a potential of getting me to where I want to be. Right now, I have decided to focus on just about 4 important things and prioritize them.


So far I have achieved better results, gotten better opportunities in those things I decided to focus on. That way I have eliminated so much stress and unnecessary frustration from my life. The key to is to set more specific goals, if you have 10 things you want to achieve, focus on 2-3 at the same time instead of all at once and you would notice a substantial difference in your results.


7 simple things I do lately that make my life easier lqueenwrites

  • Avoiding anyone or anything that is capable of causing drama

Let’s be real, there would always be people in our lives that have a way of causing drama and putting us in awkward situations. So in order to avoid such unproductive occurrences that shift our focus from what’s important, avoidance might be just what we need.

Do yourself a huge favour and altogether cut communication or reduce to the bearest minimum your interaction with such people. Protect your happiness by all means possible and only accommodate people who have a positive impact in your life and foster the achievement of your goals. Not people who constantly try to bring you down or take you for granted.

My life has been so much better since I adopted this, I haven’t had any serious confrontation with anyone in the last 7 months. I have just been enjoying some sort of peace and calm that I consciously created for myself by avoiding toxic people and mindfully focusing on positive things. Positive vibes only!

7 simple things I do lately that make my life easier lqueenwrites


  • Bulk Grocery shopping/ Meal Prepping

Women can understand this a lot better, having to go buy stuff every now and then can be such a bother, so I have decided that closing my eyes and buying stuff in bulk instead of micing is a better method. So far, this has helped me stay organized and  on top of my Kitchen game.

I also adopted meal prepping by cooking a huge pot of soup for swallows alongside a pot of stew for the week.  Then I blend a pepper and tomato mix, store in the freezer for situations that could come up during the week like making quick sauce, jollof rice or porridge.This makes it easier to pack my husband’s work hour lunch during the week without having to cook everything from scratch.

With the electricity problem in Nigeria, most people find it hard to meal prep because there’s nothing to power the freezer but one tip you can try is boiling a pepper mixture and storing it so that you have it easy for most meals you would need to make in the course of the week.

  • Using Google Docs

The bulk of the jobs I take as a writer and freelancer are done on Microsoft word and power-point. On many occasions I have forgotten my hard drive when going to meet with clients to show my previous work and that just makes me look very unserious.

But lately I have put most of my work on Google DOCS so I  have access to it anywhere I am. That really helps me stay organized and appear more professional.

7 simple things I do lately that make my life easier lqueenwrites

  • Doing a Little Laundry during the week

Being a wife and mom and having to do a tonne of laundry every weekend has always been something that stresses me on weekends. In the summer, I mostly hand wash our clothes because I’m just that boogie on a budget girl who thinks hand washed clothes and sun dried clothes are cleaner than machine washed clothes. Do you agree ?

So before winter comes and I revert back to machines, I try to do little laundry during the week so that on weekends I have very little left to do.

This really makes my weekends a lot more easy especially when I still have meal prepping and house cleaning to do. I think discovering what works for you as a woman is key to making these wifely responsibilities less stressful for you.

7 simple things I do lately that make my life easier lqueenwrites


  • Doing my own hair & acquiring more wigs

One of the most annoying things about living abroad is that you have to make appointments before making your hair, not like it’s a bad thing oh. I just feel like it’s easy to forget you need to make an appointment when you are so used to just strolling into a salon and having a quick fix.

Also the cost of making hair here is something you have to put into consideration, so I have resorted to just doing my own hair. I could save all that money for some thing else, don’t you think?

So I’m putting all the skills I learnt in my very short hairdressing apprenticeship over 10 years ago into good use. I also acquired a couple of more wigs to add to my wig collection. Just putting my hair in cornrows and throwing a wig on, saves times in more ways than you can imagine.

7 simple things that make life easier- lqueenwrites

  • Putting off push notification on all my social media apps

I think one of my biggest distractions are the incessant beeps and notifications from my phone apps. At some point I noticed I used to pause almost every 60 seconds because one social media app or the other would have a new notification.

I decided to turn them all off, from Instagram to Whatsapp to Twitter to Pinterest and a host of others I only check notifications when I need to. That helps me stay focused on the important tasks on my hands at the moment instead of pausing severally for mere distractions.

So these simple things I adopted have definitely made my life a lot easier within the last couple of months.

Simplicity is such a good thing, just that we humans are kind of used to bringing complexity into our lives in so many ways. And these complexities result in stress, conflict and frustration which we would have been able to avoid if we could just adopt a simpler way of living.

I hope you can relate to at least one of these 7 things I shared on here.

Try implementing them and see how much your life would change in 30 days.

I’d love to hear from you, what are the simple things that you are currently doing that make your life easy?

Don’t be stingy, kindly  share with me in the comments




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  1. Ah tolu, spot on. Lately, my finances has been making me super scared but I have been taking it one day at a time with the believe that God hasn’t brought me this far to put me to shame.

    On hair making, wig has been my source of saving here and there as well as making some style that can last for weeks.

    These are amazing tips that would definitely help every woman.


    1. Awww Deb’s thanks for leaving your thoughts. I think when it comes to finances just being content with what you currently earn, maximizing it to the fullest by saving as much as you can and investing it wisely is the way to go. Someday soon you’ll have more than you even need by God’s grace. Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts Debs. I really do appreciate you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips they were really helpful , I especially loved the tips on house keeping and meal prepping in other to still have me time as a wife.. I am going to be a Mrs soon it’s daunting..

    1. Yaaay congratulations hun (Iyawo to be)…so glad you found the tips helpful. Meal prepping sure helps relieve the stress of cooking from scratch during the week and it saves time! You can’t imagine how relieved I am this Saturday evening after cooking a pot of Egusi soup and a pot of stew for the week. Thanks for reading love

  3. I think life is a lot easier if we stop putting pressure on ourselves and just focus on what we can do and be happy. Thanks for sharing darling, you’ve been so amazing. I appreciate you ❤️

  4. I’ve just basically been taking life the way it comes for the past few months. No extra pressure for anything, just do the right thing and drop it.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips!


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