And Another One + I am Grateful for my Life

Hey Lovelies!!!!

Happy New Month…I’m so sorry I’ve been kind of slow on posts, your girl has been busy tryna arrange herself but so far so good 2017 has been lit!

It’s the very month before we enter into the last quarter, what are your expectations guys?

For me,first of all I’m super grateful for all the opportunities and the good things that this year has brought. Ah mean if anyone told me that this year, I’d have my book On the ride published and literally sold out or I’d be able to see the beauty and splendor of Dubai I would have laughed it off.

If any one had mentioned that my face would be on banners and invites to speak at various places I’d just laugh it off. And then to think that I was recently invited to speak in NYC???

Like seriously New York City??? lol who dash monkey banana? Yinmu and all those funny emojis

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#Swipe👉 Awesome time at RCCG Covenant Chapel, NYC yesterday I really wish I had more pictures 😩 still hope to get more anyway It was a very impactful Teenage Seminar 😉 I spoke on the topic Arise and Take your Place It's about time for Young people to start shining in all areas. God created us to be lights in this very dark world! Especially in such a place where teens are exposed to so much negative influence, I pray God delivers them from making the wrong choices as they grow older. I took my text from one of my favorite scriptures Isaiah 60 vs 1-3 📖 I thank God for the souls that were saved and the lives that were touched. God took the stage I'm just a vessel and nothing more. Glory to Jesus!! 🙌🙌 Matt 5:16 #lqueenwrites #lqueen #writersofinstagram #blackbloggersunited #bossgirlbloggers #lifestyleblogger #inspiremyinstagram #ontheride #contentcreator #influencer #speaker #yummymummy #entrepreneur #author #publicspeaker #jesusgirl #jesusalltheway #lqueentakesnyc #nyc #rccg #gospel #denim #ankara #howiworeit #teenspeaker

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That would have been something I could only fantasize about but chai look at this God!

If anyone had told me some of the blessings I have received this year would come my way, I’d have laughed in unknown tongues but here we are in the eighth month and all I can say is that my 2017 has been lit, not without the usual highs and lows but I can’t deny the fact that God has been magnanimously good to me

It’s been a very great year and right now I’m up for so much more goodness. I’m open to much more mind blowing experiences, ready for more positive interactions and connections that can further propel my move to bigger and better platforms.

This year I have discovered much more, the power of having a dream. The power of reaching for more, the power of believing in yourself and the limitless God.

So if just like me, you are reaching for the stars, I wish you all the very best of this month and I hope that by the end of the year all your expectations would have been surpassed and all your goals would have become victories!

So when the next blessing comes just say, and another one and another one….may our blessings be unlimited and may our joy be unending.

What are you grateful for so far? Tell me in the comment section

Love ya!


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