Becoming a Mother to two kids! Is this real life?

Hey Lovelies, it’s so good to be back to regular programming. I tried not to be absent the whole time but the last couple of months have been Real!!! For lack of better description lol

Anyway top of the gist is that l had a baby!!! Yes y’all it still feels so surreal to say I’m the mother to two kids. Follow me on Instagram to see more….I can finally share lol! I had to wait this one out.

I’m super grateful to God for giving me the privilege to go through the miracle of pregnancy and delivery yet again. I don’t take it for granted and I’m still in awe of the works of his hands.

I’m a mother of two! Two adorable babies!!!! Like seriously??? Me!!

Mother of two kids
5 months pregnant and living my best life ?

Motherhood or becoming a parent in general is such a big deal! I still can’t understand people who say it’s overrated. Did you notice how excited Linda Ikeji was when she was pregnant and then had her son? You never really know the feeling until you experience it.

Do you usually take note of the switch when celebrities have babies? How some of them (both male and female) suddenly stop posting pictures of themselves and just switch to posting adorable photos of their kids? Lol

The love you have for your kids is on a whole different level and can’t be likened to anything else. Most people wish to have kids of their own someday, well we have those who don’t ever want kids. Weird!!

Mother of two kids
Bumping all the way to church at 6 months

Thanks to social media we are bombarded daily with all these photos of adorable babies. And with each photo comes the professional commenters who start dropping comments like “oh my ovaries”, “oh my chest” and even lately the guys joined the bandwagon too typing “oh my balls” under cute baby photos  which by the way is too hilarious to read out loud. LOL

Babies are so adorable sometimes you don’t even want them to grow up but then that’s just how life is. You can’t imagine my little Jason of that year is already talking back at me. He’ll be like ”Mummy No, no, no, no…” pointing his tiny fingers at me in disapproval. Sigh! anyway you just gotta love them.

Mother of two kids
My Bump and I chilling at home at 7months

That being said, I have a lot of stories to share with you guys but I’m slowly trying to put it all together. Amidst all the sleep deprivation, diaper changes, laundry, breastfeeding, snuggles and cuddles with my kids my hands are really full!

It gets real when you don’t have your mom or mother in law around after delivery but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do right?  It’s been over a month now and I’m hanging in there being a SuperMom….(not like I have a choice huh) Lol

Mother of two kids
Outing with family at 6 months

Shoutout to my friend and pregnancy buddy  Ijeoma, who is a new first-time Mom and  totally handling it all so well without her Mom around too.

Regardless of the situation, I won’t let my new routine get in the way or deter me from sharing the tea with you guys on how it all went down.

Oh yea! Lest I forget the blog is turning 6 years old on the 19th of October!!! Can you believe that? How time flies! Anyway tori full ground throway…plenty stories.

Mother of two kids
Pretty Preggo at 8 months

I’ll be sharing the gist about my second pregnancy, my pregnancy style, outfits and bump photos, birth/delivery experience: Nigeria vs abroad and all the good stuff I’ve been wanting to write about for months!!

Y’all the disparity between child delivery in Nigeria and Abroad is extremely wide! Now I know why people run to the abroad regardless of the highly expensive hospital bills.

Mother of two kids
Playtime with Jason…almost 9 months

 It’s all coming to this space so you guys should kindly subscribe if you haven’t. I know you would love to get post notifications on all the good stuff coming to the blog.

I’m a little torn between writing about my pregnancy/birth experience abroad and doing videos. Writing comes natural to me but you know videos are way more fun to watch although it requires a lot more work to put together. What do you guys think? Should I do videos on my YouTube channel or just write blog posts here?

Let me know in the comments please, your opinions are needed.

Thanks guys!

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  1. Blog posts first!!! I’m so excited to read about all the tips and stories associated with pregnancy plus the difference between Nigeria and the abroad.

    Congratulations once again, sis. Jason is now a big brother.

    1. Debs! I’ll definitely be blogging first. Jason was jealous for the first few days but now he loves her. I’ll insert clips showing both of them bonding on my Youtube channel. Thanks a lot


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