The Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria and Abroad + My Tested and Trusted Favorites

Best Online shopping sites in Nigeria and Abroad
Best Online shopping sites in Nigeria and Abroad Best Online shopping sites in Nigeria and Abroad

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Whether we like it or not, Online shopping or E commerce is here to stay! The world evolves each day and with every passing day, more physical stores are closing up and maintaining their business via E-commerce.

For the consumers, it’s all about convenience and readily finding what you need without taking long walks around shopping malls and for most it’s about getting those things you need from the abroad right at your doorstep without picking up your passport or having to phone a friend overseas.

I got introduced to this whole craze in 2014 and ever since, I haven’t looked back. So I want to share with you my researched list of best online shopping sites and also my tested and trusted favorites that always have fresh merchandise and no delivery issues whatsoever.

So Let’s get right into it!


Amazon is undoubtedly the world’s number 1 online shopping site, their site has one of the easiest to surf interface’s and the overall customer experience is not something you find everywhere. They have a very large collection of merchandise of all kinds from clothing to gadgets to home decor, you name it, it’s all right there on Amazon.

amazon lqueenwrites online shopping sites
Shop Variety of products!


One of the best things about Ebay is that they always offer deals, so if you like something just put it on your wish list and by the time you check back it could be a tad cheaper than it was the first time. It’s also easy to sell your own products on Ebay and that makes it a favorite for some people. I had an issue with Ebay early this year tho, I bought a phone and not up to 2 weeks it went bad. I had to return it to the seller on my cost but at least I was fully refunded.

ebay lqueenwrites online shopping site list


I got introduced to Asos in 2015, I was looking for a place to buy nice shoes for my man and I had this particular colleague who is an established male fashionista. He introduced me to Asos, which is largely a UK site but ships worldwide and I was amazed at all the great stuff they have on site. Though they were a bit too pricey for my budget at the time, I have been able to shop from them about twice in recent times.

Quality and designer brands on ASOS


I started shopping on Aliexpress in 2014 and I must say they really make shopping fun, products are very affordable and you have a very wide variety of vendors to pick from. Everything from human hair wigs to clothes, shoes and accessories, just anything you could possibly think of. Most of your Instagram online retailers are lovers of Aliexpress, quite a lot of them buy from this Asian E-commerce giant at very low rates and they get to sell at good prices in Nigeria. I particularly like the free shipping option, though one must be very patient coz it could take months to get delivered. There are other shipping options like EMS, DHL etc to pick from

Online shopping that is affordable and durable


Is the American Shoprite, asides their well-known departmental stores.  Walmart’s online shopping sales are also awesome, you find very affordable and lovely products with good description and easy payment gateway. This is definitely one of my favourites

Sneakers from Walmart

Poppy Apparel

This is one of my favourite online shopping sites because they have very stylish and trendy female clothes, bags, shoes and acessories at very affordable prices, they also have options for free delivery as well. You can try them out and see for yourself use my discount code “Lqueen” to get $$ off your purchase.

Bag from Poppy Apparel


In the US you really have to save up to buy your favourite name brands because those babies could cost a fortune, but since I discovered Burlington, I get designer brands at very considerable rates. I was able to buy quite a lot of stuff from them recently and I’m so in love with each piece. I should really start doing hauls to show you guys my favourite finds or what do you guys think?

burlington style outfit
Flushed pink sweater from Burlington
Wedges from Burlington Style


Okay so to avoid making this too lengthy I’ll just list other amazing sites abroad that I know of so you guys can go check them out

American Eagle Outfitters

Bag from Dune London

Dune London






Best Buy (Gadgets and appliances)

I’m also going to list my favourites in Nigeria:


I love this site so much because I have tried them over and over again and they have proved worthy of my love, easy interface, amazing vendors, a variety of merchandise and guaranteed delivery. It was their amazing ads that first caught my eye but ever since I have fallen for them and I mostly shop on Konga.


Another favourite of mine, I love how they also offer you the opportunity to shop for services, hotels, restaurants and a variety of other stuff. They deliver on time and the site has a very friendly interface.

Other great sites in Nigeria:






and a host of others I can’t remember right now.

The most important thing about online shopping is to ensure that you read reviews, check to see that their payment gateways are secure and that you choose the most suitable shipping option available for you.

It’s also important to restrain yourself from getting addicted or else you would have no savings at all.

Online shopping can also be an avenue to launch a new channel of business or side hustle like our Instagram shoppers and clothiers

All in all, shopping online is always a great experience and the excitement you get when your package finally arrives is always more fun than just walking into the mall to buy it all yourself. You agree right?

So tell me what’s your favourite place to shop online and why?

What do you think? Kindly Comment


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