May is a month that is so dear to me, not just because it’s my wedding anniversary month, it’s also the birthday month of my lover??…it brings me so much joy to also know that a number of my amazing blog readers are tying the knot in this beautiful month of May….it’s already a turn up month!?

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my lady just glows…..

Today’s astonishing love story is about Bimbo & Kunle. I could feel the love between this two just by talking to them, they really cracked me up. I just kept laughing on and on…
Ok let’s get to the full gist….if you know the Pastor’s Seed Family of the RCCG you should know that their turn up is always different. So I really can’t wait for Saturday to see the wedding groove, it’s even more special that this two can trace their love story to a PSF meeting. Love is indeed a beautiful thing, so I asked the couple to be some questions and here’s what they had to say.

When you smile, I smile…???


KUNLE: I saw Bimbo first at a PSF meeting about 4 years ago, I wanted to talk to her but we were at a distance. By the time I could reach where she was, she had left. So I inquired from the person who was seated next to her but he couldn’t get the description because I didn’t even know her name. On another fateful day, I got to see her again and I was delighted. I immediately made a move to greet her but she didn’t even answer. I hoped that I would see her again but I never saw her again afterwards.

It took a whole year,I never set my eyes on her.Fortunately, a year later Facebook Friend suggestions brought up her name, immediately I saw her face I was in high spirits… Alas! This is the lady I’ve been talking about !


BIMBO: First, we were friends but just 3 weeks into our friendship, he already started saying I want to marry you. He didn’t waste time about it.
KUNLE: I didn’t see the need to waste time, I just needed a few weeks to study her a little but I already knew what I want.
BIMBO: He didn’t even say be my girlfriend and blah blah, he just went straight to say I want to marry you.
KUNLE: I didn’t need a girl friend, I told God I wanted a wife and that’s what I got in her

My most beautiful flower in this garden of life is you…I’ll treasure you forever


KUNLE: She is very caring, very, very caring
Another thing I love is that she doesn’t pretend, she says things as it is, she is blunt. If I go wrong she tells me immediately she doesn’t hide her feelings.
She is beautiful, OMG! Have you seen our prewedding pictures, she’s so beautiful
BIMBO: Ah I don’t like anything….loool just kidding! I like the fact that he’s God-fearing, he respects a lady so much. My Kunle is very hardworking, he is very prayerful and he knows what he wants. He saw me and knew what he wanted right away. He’s a good good guy!

Smile for me….

KUNLE: Ah that! ? I had a very good plan to make the question pop on the screen when we went to see a movie ?at the cinema, somehow the plan flopped but as a sharp guy, I had a plan B. I always do….lol.
It was Monopoly week at Silverbird Cinemas?, it was in September 2015. There was a DJ at the ground floor so I made a quick plan to have him play her favorite song Unconditional by Katy Perry and then I went to bring her out before the movie ended. As we got off the stairs, my friends started showing up and she started wondering why they were there too. As the song started playing, she was like yeah that’s my song…I went on bended knees and asked her to be mine forever, I got a Yes! she just kept laughing.

Baby be mine ?❤️

See video here:


KUNLE: I see a good mother in her, I know my children are blessed already. I see how much she cares for her nieces and nephews and I just feel blessed to know she would be the mother to my children. I picture a very supportive wife that would be there for me in the future and assist me to grow my business. I picture me being married to a successful lawyer.
BIMBO: I picture a beautiful and God centered home.

All of me loves all of you

Isn’t their story just sweet? Bimbo and Kunle are getting married on the 6th of May. LQUEENWRITES wishes them a fruitful and blissful union. We love you guys so much.
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Pictures beautifully captured by Divine Styles Photography

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  1. Bimbo is such a lucky lady to have kunle.i have known kunle from university days,he was my classmate and kunle is such an easy going calm and friendly.I remember seeing him like 4yrs after school around ifako Gbagada and he still has that calm and friendly spirit.
    Kunle is a kind of person that would call u to greet u even if you are he’s so respectful.

    Congratulations to you both on your big day.may the lord keep you guys together and bless u with all fruitfulness of marriage in Jesus name,Amen

  2. Congrats Kunle and bimbo can’t wait to be part of ur big day. God bless your Union mightily in Jesus Name amen.


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