This is not my intended topic for today but it baffles me the way a lot of us see money these days especially our younger ones probably in the university and all that. Some of them can’t do anything for themselves yet they desire the most expensive things in life. They want to have the latest Ipads and mobile phones yet they don’t want to do something to earn it. Sometimes their grades are even down in school but it causes no sober reflection or whatsoever.
Many folks just sit there expecting to have all the luxurious things on another person’s sweat. They would tell you how someone’s child has the latest Nike or Jimmy Choo shoes and they are just managing an ugly one. I remember buying one expensive bag after my grand hustle on the streets of lagos and my little cousin of about 16 years came visiting and told me she would love to have the bag.
Jesu!!!! Just like that? I quickly told her that the bag is one of my Isale Apoti possessions and it would be difficult for me to part with it so soon. She looked at me with a look of disappointment but I was relieved that she didn’t continue asking for it after that. I quickly gave her another one with a seemingly expensive look but far less costly than the one she desired initially.
“The girl geh eye for better thing oo….shuo!’’
These days we all want the most luxurious possessions but not many of us are willing to work hard for it. There’s no better fulfilment than knowing you worked hard to get something by yourself. Young people don’t save anymore, we spend our resources on buying the latest accessories, and chasing brand names all over the place like our lives depend on that. The advent of various social media platforms has opened our eyes to more not so necessary luxurious things that we foolishly crave to possess. The days of our kolo savings and putting money in places our hands couldn’t easily reach are gone. We just keep spending as soon as the money gets on our fingertips.
Habaaa….that’s not right. We can do better!
Some of the people we aspire to dress and look like actually work really hard to be able to dress and enjoy life the way they do. With the arrival of Instagram, and the pictures sold to us in visual form, our thirst for the latest fashion trends is magnified forgetting that there is always a price to pay. We should learn to be very meticulous with our resources and spend them on the right things. So many of us just party on without realizing that the money wouldn’t always be there. There is a need for us to save and invest our money wisely.
You might not have a job but the little money you get form your folks, how do you spend it? Do you spend it lavishly because you didn’t have to work for it? At the end of each month can you proudly say I have saved so and so amount? Are you eating with your ten fingers forgetting that there would be days when things might not be so rosy? Naaaah….that’s not right. We can do better!
Some of us deceive ourselves by saying God said we should take no thought for tomorrow that tomorrow would take care of itself. But it’s also not wise to live in oblivion of the parable of the talents? How the 2 wise servants invested their money and were rewarded by their master afterwards?
The issue of tithing is something most young people don’t find reasonable anymore. Over time, we have slowly become desensitized to that entire Malachi 3 story. Some of the people who even tithe do it calculatedly. We deprive ourselves the blessings associated with tithing when we choose to hoard the 100% of our resources to ourselves. We forget that these days devourers come in various forms. How do you explain your fully loaded purse falling off as you alight from a taxi? How do you explain your expensive phone falling and shattering into pieces? How do you explain an unexpected dismissal or sack from your job?
There are so many devourers these days that we cannot but give God the part of our resources that belong to him, so that he can take care of the rest on our behalf.
I pray that God would give us grace to make wiser decisions concerning our finances in the New Year and he would inundate us with tremendous financial blessings in 2015.
Wish you a splendid, fabulous and laudable 2015.

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