Here we are…. It’s a brand new year. So fresh, so clean and without spot or wrinkle. Its time to begin to fill the pages and do things right including how to love right. I am sure when you saw the title you must have been wondering what does she mean by CCT formula?…don’t you worry, I’m just about to break it down.

You know when you want to cook a kind of soup you have never cooked before or one that you have cooked before, but you are not so good at, you might need an expert to write out the list of ingredients and procedures required for that meal to be properly prepared.

Now in this year, a lot of us will be cooking the LOVE soup, so lets consider some of the ingredients to ensure we have a delicious soup. This is how to love;


The first C is COMMITMENT: In my own understanding, commitment first starts with AGREEMENT. The holy book talks about this in the third verse of the third chapter of the book of Amos ‘Can two walk together, except they agree?’ I believe that commitment in a relationship, is when the era of ‘ME’ or ‘I’ ends and then the era of ‘US’ or ‘WE’ begins.

Commitment is when you realize that it’s not just about me anymore but about US and you make a conscious effort to consider the other person whenever you have to make decisions. It is when you become willing to make sacrifices for that person, when you don’t just remain a receiver of love but you also give out love to the other person from the very depth of your heart.

The second C is CARE: It is essential to show care in a relationship,although we all have different approaches to this. In my opinion, showing care for another is by making them realize that you are concerned about them, that you are willing to share their joy and pain with them, that you are willing to stand by them through the good or bad, happy or sad, proving to them not only in words but also in actions that they have a place in your heart.

You can also show care by supporting your partner. Some people have no idea of what their partners go through on a daily basis, this is not good at all. You should always be interested in every little thing that happens to him/her, you should be their greatest cheer leader.

Celebrate your partner’s achievement, correct him/her in love and also pray for him/her. So many of us don’t pray for our special someone….new year, new approach.

The T is TRUST: Trust is the basis of any healthy relationship. Looking at the word TRUST, there’s US in TRUST. Lack of trust in a relationship has the power to cripple that relationship. The real test of trust in a relationship is the ability to share your secrets,weaknesses, fears, failures and past with each other. To be able to open up completely to one another. You should tell your partner the little details of everything before something big comes out of it.

Did I hear you say I can’t do that? Believe me, its really hard to trust someone, especially when you’ve been hurt from a relationship betrayal and you have decided not to trust again.

If you continue that way, it means you are still living in the past. I had to go through a healing process to be able to trust again and live free of the restrictive force of threatening fears. I have come to discover that the key to a rich emotional life is the ability to TRUST. No matter what has happened in the past, you can trust again.

Using the right proportion of the CCT formula, will produce a delicious LOVE soup. Each partner will be happy and the roots of the relationship will grow stronger.

Use the CCT Formula TODAY!!! It’s the through guide on how to love

I wish you the very best of the year!



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  2. Eric David says

    Tanx anty queen 4 d teaching.

    1. lqueen1
      lqueen1 says

      thank u so much for reading…I appreciate

  3. eesemoore says

    Lol!!! Frm friendship to marriage!! We av heard oh #team CCT. Nice article btw.

    1. lqueen1
      lqueen1 says

      Thanks Isemho dear,yea I like d sound of dat #teamCCT. On some good good loving tinz *winks*

  4. ayuzeKable says

    LOL! Nice one L’Queen. I support,nd I’ll use ur CCT 4mula! Love Doctor of Life! 😀

    1. lqueen1
      lqueen1 says

      Lol…kable of life. Thanks fr all ur support. Use CCT frm nw on

  5. Bkuppy says

    Thanks honey! These 3 are needed and essential! Frm friendship to marriage! We can’t just do without it.

    1. lqueen1
      lqueen1 says

      Yea we all need for CCT…tnx sweet sis

  6. Unshakeable says

    A 2ru saying. Tnks 4 d remindal.

  7. tunji says

    Nice article dear…thumbs up..and keep up the good work…*5stars


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