Can You Meet Me Half-way?

My Special people, how una dey? I hope y’all had a great weekend? Mehn! Mine was simply amazing. Another week is here…time to get busy!
I just wanna talk about a lil som’n. You see,a lot of relationships are good but some of them could be better if only each partner learns to meet the other halfway…when I say that I mean,compromise.

You might not like what your partner likes but sometimes its important for you to enjoy their hobbies with them. For example, if you love sci-fi movies and your lady loves Romantic Comedy, its only fair that you sometimes tag along with her to see her own kind of movies.

If your guy loves football, I think its also wise to also pick interest in what he likes and go with him to watch a game or two from time to time.

Meeting someone halfway could also mean, stepping up to the task of paying for meals sometimes or doing something special on your own bills. Some girls have never spent a dime to buy something or do something special for their man. When he’s a lil down on cash some ladies won’t make any attempt to help out….you should if you can.

If that lady in your life, takes the pain to cook and clean for you then you should also value her enough to give her a special treat every once in a while.

If that guy takes the pain to drive all the way down through the much dreaded Gidi Traffic just to see you then you should appreciate him better.

When you truly love someone, the things they like would naturally begin to interest you. You will have a desire to be around them and put your best to make things work.

You won’t just take in the love he/she has to give, you’ll also see to it that the person enjoys your own love supply.

Love is compromise, Love is understanding, Love is a risk….but we’ll take our chances. Won’t we?

Don’t hold back coz you have been hurt, you’ll never appreciate good loving if you haven’t been through a heart breaking bad romance.

Love is beautiful!

Have an amazing week y’all



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  1. Nys wat a Good One is a food for Tought hope All the rules will b implemented by Both peeps an love 2apprciate situations an b truthful 2 seld wen dere life changes may b frm bad to good finicial status kos dat change is the worst

  2. Lovely writeup L’Queen. Meeting ur loved one(s) “halfway” seems like a very important tin to do in a relationship. As Temi said above,some men dnt find it easy to be honest when low on cash. Dats becos,its NOT easy! I’m a guy,and I knw how hard it is to let ur loved one know dat ur broke. U can never know what d outcome wud be. D girl can react,by deciding to leave U (as most girls r all about d money). Bsyds,I dnt think d lady shud wait until her man is broke b4 she begins to pay 4 stuff. She should offer to pay once in a while! Dis would make her lover appreciate her evn more. Trust me on dat. Hav a lovely week. 🙂

    1. yea true….but as a guy you should understand the kind of woman you have. if she’s someone who will stick with you all the way then you have no reason to hide such things from her.


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