‘Lanre better have a good explanation for this’, she said with her voice like that of a mother whose child had done wrong.

I sat quietly reading my novel as i watched her pace around the office. I had exhausted the little strength I had ,trying to calm her down over something I felt wasn’t so serious but it wasn’t working. I gave up…

Kemisola had earlier shown me a picture of her hubby to be, Lanre carrying a lady at the beachside. I told her the lady could bé an old frnd and that it looked like a harmless gesture but Kemisola didn’t listen.
Usually Lanre picks her up after work and today he was running late, Kemi had called severally but he wasn’t picking up, this further fuelled her anger.

After a long wait of 1 hour and 12 minutes, Lanre finally showed up. Kemi didn’t even allow him park before she started yelling….not about the picture just yet but about his lateness and his refusal to pick her calls. Oh…sorry did i add that i usually follow them to Onipanu most times? Hehehe  free ride tinz na *winks* AC tight car
not all those our yeye BRT buses…person go come dey hang again…suffer head

So i was there to watch all the drama. Kemi went upstairs to pick her bags, Lanre quickly explained to me during her short absence that he had an impromptu meeting towards closing hours and in his rush not to delay her, he had forgotten his phone at the office but he couldn’t go back coz he had gone through so much traffic before he remembered. I felt bad for the guy…

Kemi came back and walked past us and went straight to sit in the car…I decided to give them a moment.
Lanre went into the car and explained to her about the meeting and her anger that was 11/10 dropped to 2.5/10. She showed him the picture and Lanre burst into laughter, the girl he was carrying was like a niece to him. All these 16-17 yr old girls wey sabi dress like lady of 25. Chai! And my frnd don carry am for head…lwkmd!

Kemi was embarassed…she just kept quiet throughout the rest of the journey home. I did my best to stifle my laughter as my naughty head replayed all the drama and soliloquoy Kemi had earlier displayed in the office before Lanre arrived…chai! we Women ehn…

Well, that’s my lil som’n som’n story for today. Every woman is a potential drama queen. Sometimes this men are not cheating but we ourselves imagine things way beyond what they really are….even me sef i get my own drama, make i no lie. Ask my boo and he would gist you plenty!
Kudos to the patient and faithful  men out there….thanks for loving us even with all our orishirishi drama.

Ladies, pls share stories of your drama queen moments and Guys can also tell us stories of their experiences with drama queens.

Y’all have a fab weekend.

Love always,


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  1. Lmao …. I can’t stop laffing… But I’m very happy u know women are drama queens *eyes rolling* and kudos to kemi.. After she found out she was guilty she kept quiet. Some women wud av continued.. But this is a really interesting piece I av to say… #TeamLQUEEN


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