Why the Gillette Limited Edition Proshield Razor is a perfect gift for your man

It’s that time of the year again! The season of giving and sharing, the holiday season! If you are like me, the best time to get gifts for your loved ones is now! It’s always safer to avoid the December rush and get your gifts bought and packaged ahead of time.

Plus you can get mind-blowing discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So the Gillette Limited Edition Proshield Razor is that one gift your man would cherish a whole lot and here’s why;

The Gillette Limited Edition ProShield Razor is the perfect grooming gift option for men who appreciate sleek design.

The razor features a premium matte black razor handle with the Fusion ProShield FlexBall technology and Gillette’s best blades that deliver a close and comfortable shave.

The razor comes with a matching razor stand so that he can proudly show off this monochromatic beauty.

For the gift giver, purchasing the razor couldn’t be simpler! Just visit GilletteOnDemand to purchase the razor in a one-time purchase or add to the gift with a Fusion5 blade cartridge subscription to help him look great all year long.

Gillette On Demand blade cartridge subscriptions are so flexible that the user gets to set the quantity and frequency of each delivery; so, his favourite blades are delivered when he wants them.

Nothing like having a yearlong subscription of your favourite blade so you don’t always have less items to remind yourself to pick up when shopping at the grocery store.

Gift this classic Razor to your man and you can be sure he’ll be fresh all yearlong in 2019!

Have an amazing holiday season guys!


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