Helloooo Fam, how was the weekend? Mine was AWESOME,I loved every bit of it.

We have a lil som’n som’n to discuss…You know Love is an amazing journey, not without its ups and downs but the fact that two people choose to be together against all odds makes it all worth it.

However, it worries me a little when a relationship remains for over 5 years with both parties comfortable enough and there’s still no sign of a next level of commitment (marriage).

Yesterday,I was going through one of the Sunday newspapers and I read the story of a popular on-air-personality who had ended her relationship of 12 years recently.12 years?!!! I read in amazement.

According to her, it was a regret to have stayed in that relationship for such a long time. But seriously I feel bad about it, that’s one hell of a loooong time!

Another side to it is, some people get engaged, the guy proposes but for over 3 years after the supposed engagement there’s no sign of a wedding anywhere. They get very comfy with the ‘fiance’ or ‘fianceé’ position.

Now I’m not saying every relationship should be fixated on the end goal of marriage, because you can’t marry everyone you date, at some point you might discover some things and have to end the relationship but of course that should be done with a tangible reason.

But my question is, how long is too long? Is it ok to remain in a relationship for sooooo long without an obvious bearing or goal? Shouldn’t you as the guy or lady speak up when your partner appears not to be concerned about the life long commitment of marriage?

Please share your views….what do you think casuses people to stay in relationships for 5,7 and more years without getting married?

Have an amazing week Y’all


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  2. Hi
    Tolu Nys Topic but really dis is just about choice yet again because how will u knw if u go out you will Give Birth You See is a Tyng of Gamble So U need to be sure who has problem Before Going to any decision Bcos the devil U knw is Better than the Angel you don’t know So if U ar Bored and want kids You Can adopt I knw is not same as yos but it can reduce the bored feeling then you can wait for God time that’s my view So don’t use tired with a relationship and blame it On Because I need a Child And I can’t Get hia so Am out


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