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I slept so late yesterday, so I woke up this morning to see the sun already peeking through my window. I quickly jumped up, said a quick prayer and started to get ready…’s a new week! So many expectations and so many plans for it. I want to share a little something about our dearest Social Media today.

Long before the advent of social media, there has been communication. There was fax, letters, phone calls etc. However today, social media has made communication instantaneous and even more interesting. You can be in your room in Ibadan and communicate with your lover in Makurdi via BBM, whatsapp, facebook, Badoo, twitter, Skype, keek, instagram,snapchat and not forgetting our beloveth 2go.

Social media has made it tremendously easy for people in relationships to share their daily activities with each other regardless of distance through pictures, voice notes, status updates etc. this is quite good but you would also agree with me that it has led to so many relationship breakups.

I have heard cases where long standing relationships get destroyed because the guy used the picture of another lady as his display picture with a Personal Message that says ‘Thanks dear’ with the BBM hug smiley. I have also seen cases where people constantly fight because the girl chats with too many guys on telegram or whatsapp. Some people fight because they are waiting for who will use whose pix as DP first…..funny isn’t it?

As good as social media is to relationships, some people fail to explore its advantages and they allow its disadvantages to ruin their relationships. Social media makes interaction with other people so easy and this easily leads to unhealthy comparisms. If you constantly communicate with a guy/lady, it might be easy to start comparing his/her beauty, sense of humor and style with that of your current significant other, who probably doesn’t have time for social media.

Social media has also affected the verbal communication in many relationships. Some people don’t communicate in person anymore, they don’t see the need since they have BBM, whatsapp , telegram, facebook and the rest of them. This shouldn’t be!

Even when some people go on dates or outings, they only talk for a few minutes and before you know it, each person is on his/her blackberry chatting away with some other friends.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is great. In fact, it is amazing but it shouldn’t take the place of togetherness in your relationship. Don’t get too comfortable with only voice notes, Dp’s , PM’s, tweets, status updates…..THERE SHOULD BE MORE!!!! You should still spend time together and TALK!

Social Media is good but it has become an avenue for some people to cheat. Some people are so good in that. When they know they might see their significant other, they will quickly clear the chat history or end chat. Hehehe una well done o…..I sabi the scope. Truth is, it is WRONG!

Instead of allowing social media ruin your relationship, you can use its advantages to better your relationship. Send your lover pictures, sing him/her a song in a voice note, when you are faraway from one another you can use Skype, you can send long love emails, you can use his/her picture as DP once in a while to put a smile on that face. Don’t use it as an avenue to tell lies, to cheat, to flirt, to make unhealthy comparisms… can destroy all the love in your relationship.

Once you say you are in a serious relationship, you have no business flirting with some guy/girl somewhere else….FACE YOUR OWN!

Have a great week Y’all



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  1. Well done, the advantages of Social media is as much as its disadvantages, it is better to use it wisely.

  2. Well done, the advantages of Social media is as much as its disadvantages, it is better to use it wisely.

  3. wat a 9c write media is actually gud 4 sm1 lyk me am at gambia my fiance is in 9ja.if nt 4 it too much money wld av gone on crdt.make a gud use of it and nt d oda way round. Keep it up.much luv

  4. That Ȋ̝̊̅§ the gospel truth abt social media.its got advantages & disadvantages…..God will help us….”Lol..


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