Tsquared 2017: Love at first sight!


March is indeed a special month!!!
Here’s an exclusive story of my darling namesakes who found LOVE in each other. It’s so sweet knowing that you and your spouse will share the same first name and last name… Love is indeed a beautiful thing!?


So we asked the groom to take us back to how it all began and here’s what he had to say….
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Tolulope adebileje (bride to be) and I happen to work on same street for over a year and i never noticed or saw her…not once,

My friend (yemi adeniran) that works with her in the same office had invited me to a seminar,and there I saw her (she was one of the program coordinators and there and then i liked her).

The first attraction was her good looks and spoken english,while I was still gazing at her,I saw her walk in my direction,(my heart raced)I tried to put up a smile when I heard *hello*


…but it was yemi she came to greet,well,there and then I knew I was going to reach her via my friend (yemi) afterwards…
Fast forward (one week after) we became friends, I didnt waste time in letting her know my intention,but she refused and suggested we remain just friends.
(meanwhile I kept praying d that God should work it out as I desired to marry her right from the very moment I set eyes on her).

Lqueenwrites.com Tsquared

I kept asking while I maintained great friendship for about 2months,these two months,we spoke and saw daily,but I knew I wanted more, I was getting tired of asking so I just enjoyed friendship and so on the 25th of june she agreed to start a relationship with me.

I was beyond excited,I maintained great friendship,but started planning a proposal.


The proposal

Lqueenwrites.com Tsquared

Exactly a month to into our relationship (about 3months of friendship)I knew exactly what I wanted,and got her a diamond ring, made a video of myself expressing how I feel about her,got roses,candles,wine,chocolates, and then told her I was going to show her somthing before she resumes to work.

I picked her up at about 7am,and I had everything arranged in my office.

We got there,and she was suprised to see candles lit,roses everywhere and then I played the video…she laughed,and i heard so many awwwwwww…

Lqueenwrites.com Tsquared

After the whole show,I went down on one kneel and popped it *please MARRY ME TOLULOPE*


She actually just blushed,screamed and then finally she accepted the ring...

Lqueenwrites.com Tsquared

Fastforward….here we are,i feel for her now exactly what i felt for her then,but our understanding grows daily.
We love eachother…but trust me we love LOVE (GOD) more.



Their wedding takes place on the 25th of March, it’s gonna be Lit!

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