Hello my loves.

My sisters,the brothers that are in love with my sisters and the ones that are already married to my sisters. Una well done oh


NOTE: Don’t read this post if you don’t have a sense of humour or you are too born again to have a good laugh. This is for people who like to laugh and learn at the , same time kindly read, comment and share!


So the other day, I was just surfing through Facebook and I saw Bolu complaining about ‘makeupping’ in Jenifa’s voice. See a screenshot of her hilarious but very accurate Facebook post below;

I agree with Bolu honezly. Sisters’ kilon shele gangan? I mean it’s good to look good but don’t you think doing this everyday contouring and highlighting is a bit over the top? What happened to the normal only foundation and powder makeup? Now everybody is beginning to look alike because they are doing the same face surgery routine.

We go ahead and buy all this expensive ‘kom kom’ with different names and apply on our faces every day. Some people are not make-up artistes but if you see their makeup box ehn you go fear fear.


Using all those long long brushes and doing all that baking every blessed day, kilode! se iyen o wa poju Aunty Aina?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in any way championing the course that makeup should not be used or that its a sin, I like makeup sorry I mean I love makeup. The transformation and the glow that it brings to your face is amazing.

You can have all the contouring and highlighting to ensure you slay when going for weddings, parties and special events of course yes but not for just an ordinary outing na…Haba!


Some people would even do highlighting and contouring when going to the market to buy pepper ahn ahn wetin happen? If the look you carry to work is the same look you would carry to a party then there’s a problem o Aunty Tofunmi.

Brothers if some ladies should hug you ehn, the kind of thick stain that will be on your shirt ehn? People would almost ask you if you went to play daddy and mummy in the mud with the neighbors kids.

The fact that you can’t even recognize some people again because of the kind of heavy makeup they do everyday is worrisome. The other day I was showing an old friend the picture of one of our school mates who was getting married, it took her more than 5 minutes to recognize the face coz the makeup had so changed her overall facial look ehn. Flat nose will just become dramatically pointed….Chisos!

Let it not be that a man would see his wife or sister outside and not recognize her again ooo…Odiegwu

‘Plix Aunty waz strong with your natural faze? Is that shine shine abi bronzer not too much for everyday makeupping? Are you not priding of your real faze?’

My real face
I’m proud of my “real” face oooo

The other day I saw this post about a man leaving his wife when he saw her without makeup for the first time during their honeymoon. Please be proud of your real face ooo……show that brother your real face before you get married o, so that he wont wake up the morning after and start crying to God. ‘My father, my father I no know say na so this your daughter face be for real life ooo….’ loool

I’ll also like to add that sometimes it’s just best to allow your skin breath, go on a makeup break. Let your pores take in some air,your skin will thank you.

So the floor is open, guys, ladies, men and woman….you must not ghost read this time o.

What do you think about this heavy makeupping on ladies every day? Drop your comments here

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Till I write you again

Enjoy Love, enjoy Life and keep walking in the Light

Much Love,


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  1. I love make up o but excessive make up is a no no for me. And it should not be an everyday thing. These days sef, sitting before the mirror to plaster has suddenly become work much more washing it off. So salute to those who do everyday!


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