music and memories
Music everyday
Music everyday

“ Every song has a memory;every song has the ability to make or break your heart, shut down the heart and open the eyes”. – Andy Warhol

Music, as we all know, are sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasing to listen to. However, these days not all songs are pleasant to the hearing…LOL
Personally, music to me is beyond the sonorous voice, the beats and the lyrics. I see music as an escape, a mode of transportation,something that takes me out of my present situation at different points in my life.

In my secondary/Uni days I was so obsessed with music, not like I’m no longer obsessed with it, I just feel its effect on me has reduced a little. For me, its RNB and Gospel slows anyday, anytime. My current music obsessions are Frank Ocean’s ‘thinking about you’, Sean Paul’s ‘how deep is your love’ ft. Kelly Rowland, Banky W’s ‘Yes/No’ and ‘Sweet Jesus’ by J. Moss.

Right now 2016, my best songs are flashlight by Jessie J, You Alone by Tony Zino & Ark bearers and Grace Wins by Michael West

Music means a lot of things to different people. Some people say when they listen to Dj Khaled’s ‘All I do is win’, they just get inspired to be the best and it gives them the needed ‘push’ to strive for success.

When it comes to relationships, music does so many things. It can bring back memories, help heal a broken heart and can also inspire you to be a better lover. There’s a saying that, ‘behind every girl’s favourite song, there’s an untold story’. I can relate to that

A friend of mine told me, that almost all Celine Dion songs bring back memories of her first love. As at the time she was with her first love, Celine Dion songs were enjoying airplay on the radio stations from back then( raypower, rhythm fm and metro fm) and that was what they listened to, together.
Whenever I hear ‘Run-away’ by Styl-plus, there is a certain picture that comes to my mind. Music brings back memories especially if you are/were with someone who shares/shared the same passsion for music as you do. We tend to associate some kind of emotions to most of the songs we sing or listen to.

Music also possesses a healing power. Most times when people go through heart break, they run to the likes of Adele, Boys II men, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Usually, they say the lyrics of such songs reach deep into their soul and helps them feel better.

illustration of music background in doodle style
illustration of music background in doodle style

It also helps relieve us from the stress of our daily lives and takes us back to places of excitement and pleasant memories which different songs help us remember. It affects our moods and our thinking in various ways.

Earlier on this year, I met a lady who told me,‘Best thing I never had’ by Beyonce was the perfect song for her situation. Without the need for her to explain, I already had an idea of the situation. We all have tunes stuck in our heads. Some of them remind us of friends, places, events, childhood experiences and some remind us of love-lost.

Although, it is not easy to parse how its evokes memories but I’m sure y’all will agree with me, that music possesses the power to take us back to revisit our past and helps us maintain new memories. I believe music holds a key to old memories.

Lets hear you; what does music do to you? Inspire? Entertain? Heal? Revive?
Does it bring back old memories to you? Did music help heal your broken heart at any point in time? Read, share and comment.



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  1. Lovely!!! I got to say I agree wif u 100%. Music helps the mood, and sumtyms some songs jes remind u of tinz uve done in the past! For me d’banj songs help me revive my mood!!! And some other songs too sha ! Again nice one thumbs up! Happy new month btw!!!!!

  2. @D’ ambassador thank u so much…u jst reminded of some of dos songs frm back in dayz…memoriezzzz flowing
    @ Kable same to u…thank a lot. Soon u’ll av ur own fair share of heartbreaks. I think its inevitable

  3. Hey L’Queen! Happy nu month…This is anoda lovely write-up. I love music…a lot actually,Music does alotta things to me.It affects a great deal of my life.I listen to music according to my mood…I dnt knw if any oda person does dat tho…Music is basically entertainment,but looking beyond dat,its functions are pretty much unlimited!Yes,music brings back memories…both sad nd happy…but in my case,it hasn’t healed a broken heart.(Av neva bin heart-Broken ^_^) …It may help others tho…Music is gr8,nd music is Life. Hav a lovely week ahead.

  4. Hmmm…this is an insightful article that every music lover must chew,swallow,digest and regurgitate on. It vividly spells out what music should. Its a pity that Naija musicians have latched on commercial music and quick money mentality-get the crowd jumpin’.(Though we sometimes need to dig it up). I was intiated into music by my elder bro,over 2 decades now. We spelt with it,woke up with it…MC Hammer, Bobby Brown,Kriss Kross,Patra,Shakademus and Pliers, Adewale Ayuba,Segun Adewale,Micho Ade, Obey,Sunny Ade,Elemure,…were for the day…oldies RB, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey,Phill Collins was for the night ( our dear sleeping pills). As I grew up, Kirk Franklin,Bob Fit,Ron Kenoly got the good me, while the emerging hip hop renaissance in Naija got the other me-Pretty and Junior,Blakky,Pst Goody Goody,Plantashaun boys…We bragged about this back in Secondary schl days.As a young adult.that thing call’d Love hit my heart with its virus,inexpressive and numb was I often times,in venting my pent up emotion;music was my first aid. As long as I live, Do i promise you I do…Boyz II men’s lyrics, Styl Plus’s runaway…R n B, classical tunes,rich hymns,clean tunes get me off balance. Waoh! *wonna stop typing* I won’t just decorate my body(new wears and footwears),but ll decorate a life(at leat)Thanks LQ. You always an inspiration. Value you so much!


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