My Natural Hair Journey: The BIG CHOP and how I got here

Hello Lovelies, I trust you are doing well.
So my Natural hair journey started in 2012, I literally just walked into a Salon in Jalingo at the time pissed at the breakage of my hair.

I knew that my hair had a potential to be fuller than it was at the time but since all the treatments I tried to restore it proved abortive, I knew it was time for a big chop.

After I cut my hair in 2012, I really loved the look and the feel of my all new natural baby fro.

See pic below natural hair
My fro in 2013


Fast forward to 2014,there was so much pressure to relax my hair, I was super swarmed with work even on weekends and I had no time to take good care of my Fro. With my introduction and wedding coming up and all those things, I backslided lol and then I relaxed my hair.

See pic natural hair
Relaxed hair in 2014

♥Wedding natural hair
Relaxed hair during my wedding in 2015

Repentance! Intervention

Last year December, post wedding, post first baby, post best friends wedding and all, I decided it was time to go back to my Natural hair. So I started transitioning again to be able to get my fro babies grown and start an all new natural hair journey. natural hair
Transitioning hair in May 2017




So from January up until August I tried to keep a healthy hair routine. I got help from my childhood friend and Natural Hair blogger Skinny Brownie. Y’all should go check her blog for healthy natural hair tips, stylings, wigs and all that good stuff.

Contact her for personal hair consultations at very affordable rates. Yea you gotta pay! I also paid too, so no freebies please…we outchea to make money too. Loool

So after 8months of Transitioning I did a BIG CHOP. My husband loves my natural hair too so yeah, it’s  all good!

For the guys reading, do you like ladies with natural hair or you are all about that sleek hair? Tell us in the comment section

See short video clip of how I cut my hair and the new hair products that do the magic for me right now!


This is what it looks like now. natural hair
Teeny Weeny Afro



I’m loving my all new healthy natural hair. Follow me on Instagram to see more of my life drama. I’m kinda religious with my Instastories these days.

Any fellow Naturalistas reading, what are your daily hair routines?

If you are not a Naturalista, have you ever considered doing the BIG CHOP?

Guy, do you like natural hair or nah?


Share your views in the comment section below


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  1. I know you already know that I will leave a comment. Almost 2 years a naturalista now and there’s no going back for me!? I’m so in love with my hair right now, I’d do anything to protect it. My go to routine is to wet with water and moisturize with coconut oil. I also wash twice monthly with sulphate free products. I’m glad you changed your mind and went back to natural hair ?


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