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If your woman is no longer the love-struck person you used to know and she doesn’t appear to be into you anymore then there’s a chance that there is something you stopped doing right.

Sometimes, these things just happen especially in Marriage or long-term relationship…You are not alone. I’m here to help you find a way out. Trust me!

So why is it that way? I’m not doing anything wrong you might be thinking, yes, you might not be doing anything wrong but maybe you have stopped doing the right things like you used to.

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Here’s a list of some of the things that could cause your partner to start getting used to being not so into you, are you guilty of any?

  • 1. Communication: This doesn’t mean you don’t talk anymore, this could mean you have stopped saying the right words. A woman would prefer a ‘tell me about your day’ to ‘I’m sure you had a good day’.Your woman wants to talk, she wants you to listen but you are too busy making excel spreadsheets to calculate the bills and school fees coming soon, so you just assume she had a good day.Sometimes, when she even decides to talk regardless of your not asking, you form activity and you don’t listen. When you do that about 5 times, she determines not to talk anymore and once you ask ‘how was your day’ you get the most sarcastic ‘fine’ because she knows you don’t even want to hear the details of what her day was like.

    Make out time to talk! Have you even bothered to ask why she appears not to be into you anymore? Unku fix this!

    2. Togetherness: How can someone be into you when you have no time to stick around? This doesn’t mean you don’t live in the same house or you don’t get to see her but even when you are in the same place you might not be having togetherness. She might want all your attention when you are together, she might not want you doing anything but you keep taking calls. Mr BUSY…always busy. You don’t even have time to take her on dates anymore, it’s all about work and fees now but when you were proposing you took her to the most expensive candle-lit dinner. Now your job is your new bae, no time for weekend get-away and hang-outs. You should still do exciting things together, play, laugh, yab each other playfully like you used to before. Don’t become uptight, one-way traffic man

    3. No more Sweet Little Things: All those loved-up things you used to do when you were toasting her have suddenly gone extinct. Those things you did when you were still feeling butterflies in your tummy

    The last time you sent her an early morning text was 1 year ago and it was to ask her if she has your phone charger.
    You don’t give her forehead kisses anymore; you don’t even hold her hands in public anymore. You don’t remember the last time you told her ‘Bae you look stunning’ chai! Bros you no try

    Send her an I love you text right now! Do it! Ladies, you can send him one right now too

    4. No more SURPRISES: Gone are the days when you’ll just randomly buy her a gift. Gone are the days when you’ll just drop by her workplace with a nice hot Shawarma and ice-cream bowl. Gone are the days where you will cook for her if she’s working late.

    You just stick to birthday gifts and anniversary, that’s if you even remember to buy anything at all. Haba! Oga no be so you talk am ooo….when you were telling her you are the one for me. You said you’ll make her smile always ooo

    5. PET NAMES: You don’t even remember to call her pet names again. Husbands are more fond of this one, once she gives you a baby you go start to dey join ‘ adugbo people’ to call her ‘ Iya Daniel’ Stop that at once!

    What in the world happened to my love, sweetie, darling, honey, baby, boo etc. No just try am again ooo, it’s annoying mehn! Later you’ll complain she appears not to be into you, how is it possible when you call her Iya yi

    6. FORGETFULNESS: The annoying thing that men do ehn, Kai! You will forget her birthday, your wedding anniversary, important event dates etc. Then you will be apologizing.

    Guy! Your phone has a calendar, mark important dates and set reminders. It’s easy to forget to be honest I agree but please try to remember the things that matter to your woman.

    Stop giving excuses. Some of you daddies, you even forget your children’s birthday. Don’t let it happen again oo.

    angry woman not into you lqueenwrites

    7. CHEERLEADING: When you sign up to be a woman’s man, you sign up to be a lot of things. Father, brother, friend, counsellor, teacher, driver, ATM card, coach, prayer partner, cheerleader etc. You have to support your woman! You have to be there when she needs you!

    You have to support her dreams and ambition. Don’t be intimidated by her level of growth and success, if she shines you shine too but if she is dull it tells on you too. Support her, cheer her, and encourage her. It’s your duty!

    8. LAZINESS: Ah! This one I’m going to talk about this explicitly in another post but for now you guys ehn! Some people can hardly lift their plate from the dining table to the kitchen, how much more wash it. For goodness sake, God said the woman is the helpmeet not the house help!

    Please support her, help her do house chores. Don’t leave it all to her, it’s one of the reasons she starts looking older than you! Don’t over stress her, assist her with the dishes sometimes, keep your shoes in the right place, keep your dirty clothes in the right place.

    Don’t let her have to cry whenever she travels and comes back home. Please help her keep the home clean too, don’t turn it into a hot mess all the time. After she has cooked, please don’t say you lost your appetite! If you lost it, please find it and don’t let her lose her temper.

    9. ALONE TIME: As much as it is good to spend time together, please allow your woman to have some alone time. Allow her travel alone sometimes; allow her to hang out with friends alone sometimes.

    You don’t always have to be at every place together always. Let her be free, let her do things that she loves, allow her to enjoy her individuality.

    Don’t be the kind of man that won’t allow her to be herself, let her live her life. It would help her love you even more. Spending time apart sometimes is good for your relationship.

    10. DECISIONS: You want her to let you in before making decisions? Then you should do the same, meet each other half-way. You are a team! You are partners, so just the same way you expect her to get your approval before doing things you should also get hers before making your decisions. After all, she owns you just like you own her.

These are some of the reasons she is not so into you lately, some things she won’t want to say to avoid being tagged “AUNTY NAGGING or DRAMA QUEEN” Fix all these things and you would have your loved up sexy, sassy woman right back in your arms.

Oya men sing….My woman, my everything…………………Women sing Love me jeje, Love me Tender

So my dear women, what would you add to this list? Men, do you agree that you are guilty of some of these?

Share your thoughts in the comment section….pretty pleeeease

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  1. Ah, quite insightful. That laziness point is super key…I can’t imagining sweating out in the kitchen and uncle will just be lying down on the couch and asking why the food is taking so much time…

    Interesting post!

    1. As in ehn Deb you are so right! Some men are so lazy i just can’t deal, I give praises to the most high that the hubs is not like that ooh. I think he is even more into house chores and all than I am *covers face*
      I’m just the head of Kitchen affairs in our house, every other thing the hubs takes major credit for.


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