The electricity problem in Nigeria is something that every Nigerian has grown up to be accustomed to. In

some areas they only have light in the midnight as if they expect people to wake up from their slumber

and hold ironing and television vigils because the light will never show up in broad daylight.

Most of us have become like a guy I met in church the other day who says he now attends both First and

second service in church so that he can charge his 2 phones and his rechargeable lamp full. I won’t come

here and be forming posh coz every day I also come to work with my darling pink torchlight. I charge it

full so that I can use it at night when the 3-4 hour generator light has been put out.

These are the things that make us who we are, many of us can move around in utter darkness now

because we are so used to not having constant electricity. Those who live in places where there is stable

electricity don’t know the luxury they are enjoying until they visit places with little or no electricity.

When I served in Taraba state I only bought gas once or twice coz I used an electric cooker to cook all my

meals. I never had to bother that there won’t be light, but not having light now teaches you to work

hard and gives you instant energy to iron 10-12 dresses in less than 30 minutes because you don’t know

when next you’ll see light.

Some people now have regular seats in church close to the sockets; some would almost fight with the

ushers if asked to move forward from their charging corner. Have you seen such things in your place of

worship? Do you also go to church with your charger, rechargeable lamp and even rechargeable fan?



Share your experiences!

Have a lovely week….Life may get tough sometimes but remember this too shall pass!

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  1. That so obviously. In the church today,defiantly people are going to church to charge their phone and other appliance. they didn’t go to church to serve God. In other way is not their fault. Don’t blame them .it is lack of electricity in this country presently.. will Ave to summon on minister of power to find solution in this country. Thanks. From cso quotes…..


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