Yaaay!!! Its bye bye to another year already! Now that it is over we can say that God has been faithful and we all are grateful.

Just like that, this year is gone. Thank God the world did not end…. Abeg me I still want to achieve all my life goals.

Hmmmnn from January to December, things have happened oh! I know we all have different stories to tell. As for me, if I am to describe this year, I would simply say it was a year of pleasure and pain. But all in all, I came out strong.

Lets talk about the gains/losses of this year. Some people found true love this year, so many got married this year, some had babies this year, some got their dream jobs this year, some graduated this year and so much more.

Same way, some had terrible heartbreaks this year, some lost a dear one this year, some went through life-threatening illnesses this year, some broke hearts this year. Different things have happened to each and every one of us in the course of the year.

With each experience, we have learnt lessons. They say, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. I strongly agree. ‘With each tear, there’s a lesson, it makes you wiser than before, makes you stronger than you know…’Na so Mary J Blige talk am. The beauty of making mistakes is our ability to learn from them and for others to also learn from them.

While we are counting our blessings, looking back at the last 365 days and all God has done for us,it is also pertinent for us to reflect on our mistakes. Let us do a little soul searching, reflect on the highs and lows of 2012. It is also important to make reconciliations. If you have hurt someone in anyway this year, I implore you to make amends.

If someone has hurt you this year, please try and let it go. Try and get over it, Its not the easiest thing to do but trust me, you don’t need that kind of baggage or let me call it gabbage in the new year. Leave the BS in the outgoing year.

Move on
Move on

To those who made mistakes this year, try and note them in order to avoid a repeat episode of such mistakes in the future.
To those who found love in this year,
I wish you the best of love. Keep loving like it’s the first day. Trust me, it takes courage to really love someone, so do it right.

To those who lost love, believe that all things happen for a reason. The loss of a relationship can be a traumatic experience but no matter what has happened, the only hope of a healthy future relationship is to let go of the past. The best is on the way.

To those who got married, keep the love in your hearts and don’t you ever take things for granted. You need to give your all since you’ve said the two powerful words ‘I DO’.

To those who are single, don’t feel unhappy because of that. Enjoy every bit of your alone time. Who knows? The new year might bring you ‘THE ONE’ *winks*. Keep hope alive.

Odun tuntun yi asan wa si ire ati ayo o…Amin






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  1. Lol @ ur comment on the single ppl! This year was really fast whew!! Didn’t even know how it passed so quickly!! Nice article by the way (Y)!!! But its not easy to let go of ppl that annoyed you during the year if they don’t man up and apologise, just saying. Nice piece again.

  2. Tnk You soo much L’Queen,for dis wonderful blog dat has helped me,and other readers,In many ways this 2012. I pray you’ll live on to fulfil ur dreams,get married,and born many pikin dem. 😉 Hav a wonderful new-Year celebration.Cheers

  3. Awesome writeup…
    It is indeed a wonderful year…God is sure a convenant keeping God…He has been forever faithful….
    Let’s just continue to thank him for the things we take for granted like breathing, talking , sleeping and waking, good heart, etc…He is just too awesome a God…

    Congrats everybody..
    Happy New Year in advance..

  4. Hmmmm! Mixed feeling dey catch me oh!! Na laid back pidgin style we dey so *winkin’*. Buh true true, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Dear relationship blogger LQ, thanks for the inspiration and enlightenment and other students of love(like me), enjoy and express God’s love in 2013. Ciao!


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