How to Promote Your Business with a Blog

promote your business with a blog lqueenwrites entrepreneurs should have a blog

Hi, Lovelies! I started this series to help bloggers/entrepreneurs promote their brands better and make more profit from their ventures. I want to share with you how to promote your business with a blog of your own.

The tips I am sharing have worked for me personally so I thought to help you attract more clients to your business too. When I started blogging in 2012, there were really not a lot of guidelines ( in the Nigerian blogosphere) about how to go about things in our own country.

Today, blogging has evolved far much more than just being a hobby so people are beginning to take it more seriously in Nigeria and there are lots of resources to help entrepreneur/ bloggers.

As a blogger making money goes beyond ads and sponsored posts, your blog can become a platform for you to grow other side hustles or businesses you venture into and make them very successful.

As an entrepreneur, my blog has attracted a whole lot of clients to me that I would never have been able to reach without it. You need to start promoting your business with a blog of your own to augment your brand’s social media presence.

Social media is a very vital tool to brand promotion nevertheless having your own mini-space on the web where you actually own your audience is equally powerful.

promote your business with a blog lqueenwrites entrepreneurs should have a blog

I encourage all entrepreneurs to have a blog on their website, your website would be a bore without articles telling your clients about your new products, discounts, giveaways, corporate events and services. Having a blog for your business also makes it easy for your business to be found on search engines.

For example, if I need a bridal shop in Ogba, Google will show me the contacts of those who have their website/blog content listed on the web first, social media comes after.

If you don’t have a blog for your business yet, get started today! Read Easy steps to start your own blog now!

My blog has helped me promote my Tee-shirt business, copywriting business, public speaking, e-books, books, blog consultation service and courses. So even beyond just making money from blogging it introduces me to new clients for my businesses every time people stumble on my blog. You can get to know more about my products and services here.

Let’s get right into how you too can promote your business with a blog and gain more clients

1.Write about your new products and services

It’s important for you to write about your products regardless of whether its old or new keep talking about them. A flier or graphic creative might just show what the new product looks like but you need to put up an article that properly describes what your product is all about, its benefits to your customers and the unique selling point. I write this kind of content for brands like Int’l Sahar, Leotravent events and travels and I also do it for my own products. You should start doing this too for your brand.

2.Integrate your blog with your social media

This makes it easy for your posts to get to your social media platforms and helps get it in front of your prospective and existing clients. Link your blog to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others you use.

3.Publicize your accomplishments

As an entrepreneur, a blog is also a good way to let people know how well your products/services are accepted. Use the blog to celebrate your wins and make all accomplishments known. For example, if your products are completely sold out write it on your blog, if you have received an award or major positive reviews write about it.

Everyone else is busy blowing their own trumpet so don't hesitate to blow hard on yours and get more clients coming your way, promote your business with a blog of your own Click To Tweet

4. Offer Tips

If you are selling a product or offering a service, it’s great to offer tips on your blog. For example, I recently started a blog consultation service to help newbie bloggers so offering tips like these is a way of helping them and attracting new clients.

If you sell wigs you can write tips on how to maintain the wigs like my friend Skinny Brownie did here or if you sell makeup products you can write about how to apply makeup for a flawless look. If you sell clothes you can select some of your outfits, wear them, take pictures and post it with an article on how to get the look on your blog. This is a way to attract clients to you and establish you as an expert in that line of business.


promote your business with a blog lqueenwrites entrepreneurs should have a blog

5.Advertise Giveaways, Discounts and Job openings

A blog is also an excellent platform to give back to customers. Hosting giveaways and giving discounts promote customer loyalty and goodwill. Posting job opportunities also show that you are open to accepting clients to work with your brand as well.

6. Set up an online shop to sell your products on your blog

Business has gone beyond face-to-face or proximity, with a blog you can set up an online shop at little or no cost to you, receive your payments straight from your blog and send goods to anywhere in the world.

I have my e-commerce shop here on this blog where I sell my products. Selling online is a good way to expand your business reach. Just like Konga and other e-commerce platforms you can sell your products from your own website too.

In conclusion, the benefits of a blog for your business are immeasurable and most times it’s at little or no cost to you. I encourage you to get started today.

I hope you found all these tips helpful and that you start to promote your business with a blog of your own. If you are a budding entrepreneur and you need help with setting up a blog or setting up an on online shop. Contact me, I’m available to help you out.

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