So much Going on, my roller coaster of emotions

Hey guys, I’m glad I can finally get to write you again. I’ve been gone for the longest and trust me when I say no day passed without me thinking about you guys.

The last one month has been so full of activities, trips and travels. I also went from being extremely happy to being extremely sad at some point.

Anyways let me start by wishing you a really Happy
new month! Just like that April is here, 2018 biko where are you running to ooh?

In the course of this last month, I lost two very dear souls to me. People I considered as angels on earth, the ones I felt should have stayed a little longer. I still can’t fathom why the good ones go first.

My heart was broken at the news of their demise and I just couldn’t process the fact that I won’t see them ever again. Being miles away from them and their immediate family also made it worse for me. Distance really sucks, you have to experience things like this to really understand to what extent.

My only succor was found in God’s word, I know there’s a time for everything in life but it was a bitter pill to chew knowing that these two dear ones are going to be laid to eternal rest. That means forever!!!

All in all, so much good has happened in my life and I’m still just yearning in the excitement of what’s to come. This time last year I was at a crossroad wondering if changing my whole life and stepping out of my comfort zone would yield anything worthwhile.

Looking back now, I have absolutely no regrets. I’m more optimistic about the future than I ever was. The people I’ve met, the stories I’ve heard and the places I have stepped my feet in the last one year have changed me.

From weather changes to different environments, different clients, different faces, different reactions to my being black and African, so much has been going on with and around me.

In all of these, I realized once again that this world is really worth nothing, human beings are almost the same everywhere you go.The most essential things;believe in yourself ( even when people don’t see potential in you), strive to see your dreams come alive, live a good life, help make someone’s else’s life better and live to please your maker not man.

I have seen so much, learnt so much and grown so much. This so much will become much more as I continue to broaden my horizon and take steps that bring me closer to becoming everything I’ve ever dreamt of.

I hope everyone is doing just great, I really missed sharing my thoughts and all with you. I decided to just do a catch up post, regular blog posts will resume shortly. Thanks to everyone who kept asking what’s up with me. I appreciate you all so much.

What has everyone been up to?

What do you think? Kindly Comment


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  1. You know I was just going to check on you yesterday but work overwhelmed me and i could not. I am glad you are fine and even learning more in the process.

    All the best, sis.


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