5 Signs You Urgently Need A Social Media Break

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Social media is one of the best things that have happened to mankind. It’s really difficult trying to wrap my head around the fact that ten or fifteen years ago there was nothing like Facebook, Twitter , Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and a host of others we have today.There was Yahoo messenger but hey we all know that was nothing to compared to what we have now.

The Good Part

It has made communication way easier than the traditional phone calls and text messages, you don’t wanna imagine how difficult it was for our grandparents to keep a long distance relationship back then but today we have FaceTime, WhatsApp, telegram and all the rest.

Social media has greatly increased the level of networking and has drawn the world much closer from being a global village to a global street. With social media you can walk into Paris on Facebook and get into Toronto on Instagram, see the beauty of Dubai just by the swipe of your screen.

We might not have travelled out of our Home Countries but we have a view of what every other place looks like from each Facebook update, Instagram and Snapchat stories that we view.

Social media has also provided jobs and made businesses reach a wider audience through the use of business accounts and insights. Without social media a lot of people woüld never have been able to maximize their potentials to the fullest, so don’t get me wrong I’m not in any way championing a cause that you become anti-social media but I want to highlight the reasons why you might need a break so as to get your life back and reset your priorities.

You would agree with me that social media is in some ways taking up the normal course of our lives. This social media thing is the one making us become robots with our heads bowed not in prayer but texting nonstop, smiling at the device and not at the people we are seated with. Does that sound familiar?

Let’s get into five signs that you need a social media break.

1. You have become isolated

As good as social media is for communication, it could also make you become isolated. In the sense that you could become more comfortable hiding behind your screen and texting than actually having a face to face conversation with your friends or attending a date night with colleagues. You go on a date but none of you get to really talk because you are both busy checking Insta-stories, sound familiar? Let’s say you need a social break.

2. You get your feeling of self worth from social media likes and follows

For some people it’s all about that the likes, you don’t feel good about your outfit until you post a picture that gets 100+ likes and above. Girl! You need a social media break and some self esteem schooling.

I wrote extensively about this in my book On the Ride you can get it here .

You don’t need any one to validate or determine how you should feel about yourself, so if you are waiting on likes, follows and comments to determine your self worth… Darling, you seriously need a break.
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3. You feel like your life is over when your phone battery dies

This to me, can be likened to a serious case of addiction. Some folks can hardly do without their phones in a day. I remember when my phone got stolen and for weeks I refused to buy another, some people thought it was weird for me to be without social media access for 3 good weeks.

I wasn’t too bothered about it, I had a small phone with which I could make calls and send text messages . I had a laptop to keep tab of my blog stats. I was fine with that! So you really can’t be happy for a day without your phone? Then you really do need a social media break.

reasons why you need a social media break


4. You always share every tiny detail of your life on social media

I get the excitement, I know there are some joyful things that happen to you that you just can’t wait share with the world, it could be a testimony, a new car, a new house (a new bae) and all that good stuff but wait first… Apply wisdom to this thing

Recently I saw a post from a Nigerian parent telling the whole 2 billion+ people on Facebook that his daughter got her first menstrual period. This is something that just irks me, I find it really appalling. Ah mean, who does that?

We should all be careful what we put out there and most times its best to post pictures or videos much later when the very event or joyful thing has passed and not immediately. Guide your life with all diligence Fam.

Ask Beyonce, she waited a whole month before showing her babies to the world some of y’all post the baby pictures right out of the Vigigies
Oh my goodness please stop!!
How about some privacy?

If you can’t stay a day without telling Facebook or Instagram your location, what you ate, how you look or if you had a bottle of coke or not pleaseeeee take a break now! Get your life back!

5. If social media distracts you from pursuing your goals and dreams

Social Media is a source of income for someone like me. For bloggers, brands and influencers you always need to be on the go. However if you don’t earn a cent from social media and that’s all you do all day, Boy! You need a break too. Let’s face it there are so many distractions on these platforms and although you earn from it you have to focus on what’s important or else you get lost in the incessant pool of photos, stories and status updates and end up wasting productive time. There are so many irrelevancies we could do without but no, we stay glued to them. If you have become distracted from your study and the pursuit of your dreams
coz of social media please take an occasional break from time to time. You’d be grateful you did.

So many other things I’d like to say but I’ll continue here

Let me say this again, Don’t get me wrong Social Media is good, ah mean no doubt but sometimes it could be bad for you.

If one or two of the above sound like you then I suggest you take a break, it could be just a day or two

During this break you should:

  • Have a rethink and reorganize your life without thinking about social media.
  • Take time out to calculate the amount of time you spend on it daily.
  • Take time to find out if it adds value to you towards the achievement of your goals or its a serious distraction that leads to waste of your time. It could be both but weigh each side and see which is more.
  • Make an action plan on how to use it more positively going forward.

What ways has social media helped you and do you agree that it could sometimes be a distraction? Let’s hear your views… Leave a comment ?



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  1. I’m on social media a lot now because I’m trying to grow my blog, howvpever I agree that there has to be breaks! Normally when I’m out with people I mainly talk to, I don’t mind if my phone dies because I’m with my people anyway.Sometimes I can go a while without social media if I plan things to do with my friends. Also, thankfully, China sensors most social media websites, so I can only go on when I have the patience to deal with a vpn???

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So true. This post really is one that everyone should go through! Social media is becoming an addiction and we should really learn to unplug from it all at regular intervals.

  3. I am definitely addicted to social media these days but that’s because I am trying to grow my following! But I agree, it can do so much harm to people’s sense of self and overall self-esteem. Great post!


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