Being a doctor isn’t easy. Especially when you are a paediatrician (doctor for children) like me. You hardly close your eyes when you are on call through the night. I was on call on the 13th and all through that night, it was Dr. Bayo this, Dr. Bayo that. No rest at all.

I got home at about 6:45am on the 14th Valentine’s day, extremely tired. I hurriedly took a shower and went straight to bed. It was my off/rest day so I planned to spend a good part of it sleeping. I was cocooned in my bed when I heard a distant noise. At first, I felt it was from my dreams but then, it was real.
‘Oga Bayo, Oga Bayo’, I heard my gateman, Baba Mufu call.

What on earth was Baba Mufu calling me for?,I thought to myself. I just instructed the old man that I wanted to rest and I specifically told him not to allow anyone disturb me. I checked the time and it was just 20 minutes gone past 8’ o clock….the sleep was just getting sweet.

I reluctantly got up from my bed and threw a robe on. ‘What is it Baba Mufu?’, I asked as I came down the stairs.
‘Haa Oga Bayo, no vex oh. Na this aunty say she wan drop somtin for you and she say you must to sign before you collect am, I say make I sign for you but she no gree’, Baba Mufu explained.

I collected the parcel, signed the papers the lady presented and then went back inside. When I got into my bedroom, I tried to resume my sleep but somehow the sleep had vanished. I decided to see the gift parcel.

I opened the neatly wrapped box and what I saw gladdened my heart. There was a Hugo Boss for men perfume set, a lovely wrist watch, a blackberry Bluetooth hands free and a yellow stethoscope inside the box.

I was touched. Inside it was a card from Foluke, my girlfriend of 2 years. It read; ‘To everyone you are just a Doctor that treats the body, but to me you are the Doctor of my soul. You treat me right and your love is like food to my soul. I love you more with each passing day. Foluke’. Awwww….so romantic!

I looked at the Bluetooth hands free and remembered her complains about me receiving calls while driving and I’ll always give the excuse of being a Doctor and that it was my responsibility to answer emergency calls promptly.

I opened the package of the attractive yellow stethoscope; obviously this wasn’t purchased in Nigeria. A note dropped from it and it read ‘This will make the kids always wanna come back to Dr. Bayo’s consulting room’. Awwww….how sweet of my baby.

Just then, it occurred to me that I had booked for a cake and a box of chocolate at the Love Shop earlier this week. I quickly called my younger brother to pick them up and have them delivered to Foluke’s office.
I went back to bed a few minutes after 10, after spending a lot of time marveling at the thoughtful and heart touching gifts my Foluke got me. I slept soundly, better than before.

I woke up hungry at about 1:15 pm and I rushed into the kitchen to take some cereal. I entered the kitchen and what I saw surprised me soooo much. I saw covered bowls of nicely cooked homemade meals and the whole kitchen smelt so good. No wonder, I perceived Foluke’s perfume as I passed in front of the store earlier. Who else could it be? Oh my Foluke….God bless the day I found her.

I called Baba Mufu to ask when Foluke came in and he explained how she sneaked in to cook while I was asleep and that she left only a few minutes before I came down stairs. He said she told him she was gonna come back later in the evening.

sweet little things

Oh Lawd!! The food smelt heavenly. I balanced on my dining table to eat. I opened the fridge to fetch myself a glass of Chivita although as a doctor I would have preferred freshly made natural juice. I got another surprise when I opened the freezer section of the fridge.
There was a jug of freshly made pineapple/watermelon juice. Exactly how I love it. What more can I say? Foluke is the most amazing lover ever.

I quickly ate my meal and got dressed. I wouldn’t let my woman go through the stress of public transport to get here again. I have to go get her myself this time, I thought. I drove off to her place.

I brought my beauty queen, Foluke back to my crib. Since both of us are not really outdoor people, we settled in the sitting room upstairs. We ate, gisted, sang, laughed, saw a 3D movie and played games. Yeah, we played games. Ain’t no young lady who can play GTA (Grand Theft Auto) like my shawty, Foluke.

Foluke is that woman that makes me laugh. She brings out the playful side of Dr. Bayo. No one is perfect and sometimes we have our differences notwithstanding, she is that person that gets me. She knows how to bring out that tender part of me. She knows what I want even before I say it. She listens, she cares, she supports me, she understands. My Foluke prays for/with me. What more can a man ask for?

It might not sound like much to you, but for me this is everything I ever wanted and more. Foluke is it for me. I choose her over the others. They usually say;
‘there may be many flowers in a man’s life but there’s only one Rose’.

Foluke is my Rose, my heart desire, my damsel, my love and my partner for life.

I just hope my jeweler hurries and gets her custom made ring ready coz I can’t wait to put a ring on it asap. I can imagine the surprise on her face that day, when I go on my knees to ask her to be my wife…SOON!!! Maybe I’ll do it on her birthday just like Billz and Tiwa Savage.

For me, this is THE BEST VALENTINE EVER!! I couldn’t have wished for anything better.

Did you enjoy the story? I hope you did coz I enjoyed writing this.

If you haven’t made any plans for Valentine, you can pick a thing or two from Foluke and Bayo (•͡.̮ ~͡)

Have a memorable day…. I won’t mind some gist oh. LOL

Love Right, Stay Happy.



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  1. Nice write up. I really did enjoy that. Though, coincidentally, it is the same middle name as me and my wife. Keep up the good work, I do really want to see you atop. Nice one!


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