This love and relationship thing can get really messy some times, its worse when sisters or very close friends think they are in love with the same man. It becomes a case of territory marking

Here is a story from one of my readers, Tolani (real name withheld) sent me an e-mail last weekend to share her story coz she’s in a dilemma and doesn’t know how to go about the whole thing. I want to share this with you, so that we can help her together like we always do.

Tolani met this dashing young man when she went to her friend Tara’s church for a special service. During the course of the service, Tolani had to go out to receive an urgent call from her elder brother, when returning back into the church, she bumped into him.

He is a chocolatey looking young man with the brightest eyes she had ever seen on a man’s face. They both apologized to each other and Tolani quickly went back to her seat so he won’t notice her amazement at how beautiful his eyes were. After the service, Tolani was waiting for her friend, Tara beside the car, the cute young-man who was an usher in the church showed up again apologizing for the other time. Of course she was the one supposed to apologize coz she was the one who bumped into him, they exchanged BB pins and you know how the rest of the P setting story goes….LOL.

Unknown to Tolani, Tara her friend wasn’t too pleased with the way things turned out between Tolani and Jay (the usher guy). His name is Jayeola but they call him Jay for short. Tara had always had a crush on the guy since she started attending that church, but he didn’t seem interested in her.

Before long, Tolani started attending Tara’s church because of her boyfriend Jay. Tara started giving excuses and stopped coming to church regularly. Occasionally, whenever she decided to attend she would totally avoid Tolani and Jay. Tolani noticed this and decided to ask her friend the reason for the sudden change.

Tara told Tolani that she didn’t really get along with Jay and she didn’t want to ruin their relationship. In a bid to make the two get along.
Tolani invited Tara to her house one weekend and of course she knew Jay was going to come around. Immediately Tolani saw Jay’s car drive into the compound, she told Tara she had to quickly pick up something for her Dad and she left without even saying a word to Jay.

This continued for so long and it affected the friendship between Tara and Tolani. About a month ago, Tolani stumbled on Tara’s diary and that was how she discovered Tara was really attracted to Jay as well and she couldn’t stand being around him, when he was dating her Tolani.

Now the whole thing is twisted, Tolani doesn’t want to lose her friend and she doesn’t want to lose Jay also. She hasn’t told either of them about her discovery to avoid more drama but she wants to know how to tackle the situation.

What are your thoughts?? Please share your views and let’s help a sister.

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  1. It’s a “perspective thing”. If she thinks she has a future with Jay, she should go ahead. Cos there’s no guarantee that her friend that’s not happy for her won’t take the boy if she leaves him for friendship’s sake.


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