Hello Lovelies, I hope everyone is doing well. It has been a while since I shared my personal experiences with you guys on the blog. I asked a question on Facebook a few days ago about what you guys would want me to write about and someone said I should write about my personal experiences in the abroad so this is one of them. I’m a village girl, I can’t even come and form posh for Y’all you know my hustle!

My Village Girl Experience at the Grocery store

The abroad is absolutely different from Naija, when I talk about the abroad here I don’t mean Dubai. I mean the AMRIKA (America but in Jenifas voice) Oyibo people have a very different approach to life. They don’t stress themselves except its exercise. They don’t do any kind of strenuous thing like we do, as a village girl used to walking the whole of Eko Idumota with a big Ghana must go, I definitely learned at the grocery store in the abroad.

On this particular day in New York, I planned to get a few things (just a few I promise)at a nearby grocery store which is just about 8 minutes walk from home. Jason (my son) was playing with the neighbors so it was the perfect time to just get out of the house. I threw on a sweatshirt on my jeans and started walking to the grocery store, leaving behind the one thing that could have saved the day.

I got into the grocery store smiling at everyone, one very weird habit I’m trying hard to overcome. Smiling at strangers just comes naturally when you have spent years of your life as a customer service officer…LOL

village girl lqueenwrites grocery store
This is all I really came to buy at the grocery store but the village girl in me won’t let me look the other way…smh



I started walking through the aisles to pick the 4 items I came to get at the grocery store.Brisking through I noticed that a lot of items were on sale, the Ijebu in me lit up with a smile. After picking the items I originally came to get I realized that due to the sale I would have a bit of extra cash. I’m not one of those people who wait to get to the payment counter to find out what the items bought will cost. I always have my calculator handy, just so you know. I always come ready… LOL

The economical wife in me was super thrilled, the way I do in Eko when I see something good for a really cheap price, I’ll buy for my mum, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law. From slippers to jeans, to earrings to blouses, to matches to sachet tomato and the likes. That’s typical me, my kind of shopping is very somehow. If you follow me to Eko just be ready to walk, I’ll take you to all the lungus.

I started picking extra items on sale I thought we would need. I ditched my little shopping basket for a shopping cart. See groove!

By the time I was done, the shopping cart was half full. The lady at the counter asked, “Have you got a discount card?”

“yes”, I replied happily with all the 32 outside.

Tucking into my back pocket to grab the discount card. Guess what? Thanks to my card, I got another $3.99 discount, I wanted to go ahead and get some other items but I hesitated when I saw the queue building up behind me.

I packed all the items already packaged in nylons and struggled my way out of the grocery store.



Thanks to my Ijebu spirit, the load was too much to carry! I didn’t come with a car, every other person who took a walk from their home had a carrier bag with wheels and they just happily wheeled pass me, super comfortable while your dear village girl was stuck with too many items.

I shook my head for myself, I was enjoying the sales so much I forgot I would have to carry this whole thing on my own. To think that there was a carrier bag lying fallow at home just made me want to kick myself. How on earth did I forget that?

Of course, it didn’t occur to me to carry it then. The plan was to only get a few items but look what I have done to me now?

I went to the Dollar General store beside to ask for a carton, the man was nice enough to give me a very big carton. All the items fit perfectly into the carton. I was glad, now it was time to carry the carton.

I carried it in my hand for 20 seconds but the village girl in me knew there was a better way to handle situations like this. I picked the carton up and placed it on my head.

The carton sat comfortably on my head, thanks to the turban I had on which could pass for a nice Oshuka

I started walking again, happy that I finally got my shit together but guess what? People were staring at me! Oh no not staring, more like glaring.

Aye mi temi bami, why are they all staring?

I quickly respected myself and returned the carton to my hand. Putting to thought the popular maxim that says when you are in Rome, you behave like a roman.

I was embarrassed at the stares, I smiled at them awkwardly and walked away. Slowly working home, taking breaks almost every 30 seconds because my hands were hurting so bad from carrying the heavy carton. Who sent me?

The walk from home to the grocery store took me less than 8 minutes, however, the walk home from the grocery store took me about 25 minutes.

This is one of my many village girl experiences in the abroad, I learnt a very big lesson that day. No one likes stress in the abroad, its alien to them. The very reason I got those very awkward stares. Ah, mean who does that?

Village girl Tolu…LOL

You either come with your carrier bag or your car. Don’t even suggest a Taxi, you know your girl is always on a budget.

No one carries Ghana must go (BAGS) on their head in the abroad. No one! Lesson taken!

You see what years of going to Balogun market and Eko Idumota has done to my life? I really have to upgrade to Obodoyibo way of life, I cannot come and be embarrassing my household next time.


I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE STORY! Has anyone ever had a village girl experience before? it could be at the mall, at the cinema or in the abroad ( Obodyibo)Share your experiences in the comments.

Next time I’ll share my Village Girl experience at the Train station.

Oh lord, this one Oja milara je

Till then!

Love Y’all



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  1. Mumc and I once forgot something we had bought, in one of those big double decker red buses in London, we started to chase the moving bus but quickly realized London buses wait for noone… and oh you cant imagine the shocked stares ?
    Glad you are enjoying NYC sissy. Hope to visit soon ?


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