adu-love-story 1
adu-love-story 1
My love, I want to look into your eyes every single day for the rest of my life!



Hey, Lovelies!! You already know how excited I am every time I get to bring you yet another endearing true love story. We have the love story of Mercy and Seyi from the US of A , so come right in and let’s get to know how exactly these two crossed paths and how this beautiful love all started.

adu-love-story 1
Me and mine!

How and Where did you two meet?

Mercy: Seyi and I met in church. I went to visit my sister, Toolz, mid-October 2015 who was in college upstate New York with one of my friends, Funke. We went to her church on Sunday and she introduced us to some of her church members, one of them happen to be Seyi. He got my number from my sister 2 months after and chatted me up. I was not interested in any romantic relationship at the time because of reasons best known to me and just after a few chats, it went cold and we both moved on with life…..or so I thought.

adu-love-story 1
I gat your back boo!

Fast forward to July 2016, a day to his birthday, I got a message from him while I was in church for Bible study. It was surprising and a bit weird, but after the service we got talking. It went from talking weekly to daily and from daily to at least twice a day. I got to know him more and fell in love with him.

How long was your courtship for?

Seyi:  We dated for over two years, it all started in September 2016. The most amazing years of my life. Why wait or court for a long period of time when you have found your soul mate? Lock it up quickly!!!

adu-love-story 1
Baby be mine, to have and to hold

What was the Proposal like?

Mercy: The proposal was so low key but very sweet. He proposed in the early hours of February 25. We had just come back from watching Black Panther. It was a very intimate proposal but a very genuine and defining moment for the both of us.

What do you like the most about each other?

Mercy: I love his absolute love and service for God, it reflects in his love for me, his patience with me (I am a handful), he is so family oriented (he calls my family more than I do). He is extremely hardworking to the point of selflessness. He is God’s gift to me and humanity.

Seyi: She is the most amazing person I have ever known, I love her heart, she has the best smile, she is caring, she is comforting, she is spiritual, she is loyal, she is honest, she’s got my back, the best ride or die ever, above all she is beautiful.

adu-love-story 1
Together, now and always

How do you picture your future together?

Mercy: We picture our future to be great, and we are not just saying that, we also believe it, because when two people have genuine love they can achieve anything. We plan on making our love last forever. People often joke about making silly things in their relationship goals but having someone to spend the rest of your life with is probably the biggest one we all have deep down. Growing old together, staying in love and continuously enjoying each other’s company while raising an amazing family.

adu-love-story 1
Take my hand and be with me forever

Any advice for singles still waiting to find the one?

Mercy: There was a point I had given up on love and just threw myself into work, family and church. It was at that point that Seyi showed up, my exact God specs. Be patient, God will send His spec when you least expect it.

adu-love-story 1
You make me so happy!

There you have it guys, the love story of Mercy and Seyi.

I hope you found it interesting, like Seyi rightly said once you find the right one just go ahead and lock it up! Seal the deal! Mercy also said it’s important to patiently wait for the right one and allow God do his thing. Inspiring words from this beautiful couple

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