THE omos 2018- love story lqueenwrites
THE omos 2018- love story lqueenwrites
Soothes me to be yours forever

Hey, Lovelies!! You already know how elated I am every time I get to bring you yet another endearing true love story. The love story of Patience and her handsome High Lieutenant is beautiful, I can’t wait for you all to read it.

THE omos 2018- love story lqueenwrites

So guys tighten your seat belt as we take a flight into the true love story of Patience and Omokhodion.

How and Where did you two meet?

Patience: During my Internship, I was staying with a family friend based in the Nigerian Air force base in Ikeja. So he got my number from the person, sent about 5 messages introducing himself as an officer of the Nigerian Air force and various details about himself. Right on, we started having full conversations and I could just tell he was a matured man and I felt at ease talking to him. Everything just came naturally, we continued talking and chatting for about a month and then we finally got to see each other.

THE omos 2018- love story lqueenwrites
You make me so happy!

How long was your courtship for?

Patience: I’d say it lasted for about 6 months to a year coz I actually first met him in 2015 but the relationship didn’t start right out of the bat. There was no official dating relationship until August last year, so its about 6 months really.

THE omos 2018- love story lqueenwrites
Mr Soldier is in love oooo

What was the Proposal like?

Patience: The proposal was very intimate, in the sense that it was private. Just the both of us, he visited my parents and then he went out with my dad leaving my Mum and I in the living room He came back, we ate and he was ready to leave. We got to the car and I was just supposed to see him off and he came up with this story that he had forgotten something in our living room. I was certain that he had taken every item he came with but when he insisted, I followed him back to the living room and then I started hearing all those sweet things people usually say when they are about to propose. ” I want to spend the rest of my life with you and blah blah blah” and that’s how it all came. I  was excited and of course I said yes, this happened in November 2017.

THE omos 2018- love story lqueenwrites
You and I together forever!

What do you like the most about each other?

Patience: The first thing that struck me was his maturity. Nowadays, guys would send you messages but you would have to probe like EFCC to find out who they are, where they got your contact. He gave me a very detailed description of himself and that really got my attention.Having gotten to know him more overtime, he is an open book, he listens, he makes me laugh a lot, he understands my mood and he has this very spectacular sense of calm. He’s just the kind of person I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

THE omos 2018- love story lqueenwrites

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How do you picture your future together?

Patience: I picture a very happy home filled with lots of love, amazing kids and just all round happiness. We all wish for the best in marriage isn’t it?

THE omos 2018- love story lqueenwrites

Any advice for singles still waiting to find the one?

Patience: I think it’s important to focus on yourself and do the things that would make you more like an ideal person for someone else. Focus on your career or business and somewhere along the line where you least expect the one you need would eventually come through.

There you have it guys, the love story of Patience and High Lieutenant Omo. I hope you found it interesting that a man could just break protocols, slide into your DM and go after what he loves.

#THEOMOS2018 takes place on the 19th of May in Lagos, Nigeria. 

LQUEENWRITES wishes this beautiful couple a blissful and fruitful union, Kindly drop a congratulatory message for them before you leave.

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