lqueenwrites heartbreak
L'queen writes lady in tears
L’queen writes lady in tears


Hello Y’all, I hope November has been good to you so far. For me, it’s been good only that I wasn’t prepared for some of the experiences that November threw at me. All in all Christmas is fast approaching so that’s enough to return the smile back to my face.

Earlier in the month, I was rushing from work to get to the Holy Communion service and somehow my phone fell. I noticed almost immediately and traced my way back to where I was coming from but alas! Invincible hands had lifted my phone off the ground. I cried my pretty eyes out. Hollup! Before you say it’s just a phone, it wasn’t just a phone to me. It was my mini everything; Bible, Open heavens devotional, Hymn book, Sunday school manual, alarm clock, wrist watch, diary, journal, Camera, photo book, schedule planner, stylebook, address book, notepad, writing pad, document folder, School notebook, mirror and many other things I can’t list right now.

So now you see why it hurt that much?

I kept calling and calling, it was ringing but the fellow did not answer. I cried more, even my little son was wondering why mummy was sobbing. If only the person would have allowed me copy out all my documents, I would have given him the phone and a big thank you hamper frankly speaking.

The next day I kept hoping, the fellow would be a kind person. My amazing colleagues at work kept helping me call the lines but it was switched off.  At about 2pm the following day, it started ringing again. We all kept calling, believing that it was a Good Samaritan who picked up the phone. 2 hours later, the phone was switched off and that was the last I heard from my mini everything. My short stories and articles written on the go, my contacts, my pictures… all gone. It felt like a heartbreak…I never hexperrerit. I was really sad…(maybe I still am)

Just this week, I closed from work and on my way home I got some fresh inspiration for a chapter of my book I have been working on…You should watch out for this one. So I decided to seat and write before heading home. Lo and Behold, I lost track of time so in my rush I forgot one of my mini everything (a writing book) at the spot. When I noticed, I went in search of it pretty confident that it would be right where I had left it (after all it’s just a book) but I was wrong. My book had been taken away. The person was probably reading stories and got engrossed in it and decided to take it home.

Phone and book
Phone and book

Yet another painful experience, I decided not to cry about it but instead write about it. I’m not a careless person so it’s really painful that I had these two experiences in the same month. I never lose my phones; I give them out eventually when I get tired of them. I don’t even like selling them but this one was taken away. Can you Imagine?

So in all of these you can see that I wasn’t ready….I didn’t have a backup of everything even contacts. Y’all should please mail me your numbers; [email protected]


Those who have had to deal with these time and again….Kudos! Y’all are strong people. Please advise me on how to move past this heartbreak.

And for y’all tech gurus please give us info on how to back up our files in the cloud to avoid such losses in the future.

Please do drop your comments; I need your help to move past this. Thank y’all for always being there.


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Love Y’all,




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  1. Yours is even better, when I lost my phone last year, the guy that took the phone kept picking my calls, he was the one that told me where I lost the phone(inside the banking hall)and even promised to return the phone to me. He told me I called him not up to 20minutes he took the phone. So I was very happy I will soon get my phone back, but till today I never set my eyes on my phone again, he used my sim for 3 days before changing it. Just take heart madam, you will get over it within few weeks

  2. Baby sissy so sorry for the losses. God ll replenish in hundred fold. Personally i use dropbox synced to my phone n laptop so anything i do automatically backs up there and i can access it on my laptop or whereever i log into my dropbox. It is well sweetie. My love to my adorable godson

  3. Hmmmmm. It was so painful and hurt. However, welll.All the same, will still thank God. All I believe that the allmighty God will favour in all ways in jesus name
    Be brave and hope. Big statement I will made to u is IT IS WELL. Thanks

    Regards Ma…..


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